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All About Love / Smoking - turn off?
« on: October 27, 2015, 11:22:24 pm »
as above. would you NOT consider dating a man just because he smokes?

You have a wife.

You also have a mistress.

And then comes a sweet, elegant and intelligent woman taking an interest in you as well. Even better, she seems to know what you like.

A perfect woman. You fall head over heels for her.

You forget that you already have a wife and a mistress. This perfect woman is your world now.

So enamoured are you by this new lover that your mistress soon leaves you, now that your attention is occupied elsewhere.

Then, for no reason, things start falling apart as this new perfect woman breaks up with you and leaves you twisting in the wind.

But through it all, your wife has stood by you.

So, you return to her, realising what "true" love is.

Here's the twist: this perfect woman is a clandestine agent hired by your wife.

She had been coached to seduce you, using information about you that only your wife knows.

Sounds like a TV drama? No, it happens here.

To save their marriages from extramarital affairs, Singaporeans have been paying five-figure sums to hire these agents.

The objective: To destroy the extramarital affair.
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