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I have a pkg with this hair salon since last yr. 6 sessions of rebonding n 6 sessions of treatment. I only used 2 sessions of rebonding and 3 sessions of treatment. Today going to rebond. The staff told me that its the last session today! My outstanding 3 sessions of rebonding n 3 sessions of treatment worth $500 are cheated by this salon.

Their staff are not professional. They either missed out my appt or ask me not to be late and make me be on time and wait 30min. Staff even say my hair wont be straight based on the product they use. I challenge them but their colleagues managed to straighten my hair using the same pkg products in the past 2 sessions! This is just trying to shrink responsibility not to do a proper job and at the same time cheat my outstanding pkg! My receipt did indicate the 6x rebonding n treatments. The previous hairdresser who sold me the pkg alr resigned and nobody in the salon can honour this pkg for me. When i sign up the guy say those hair treatments i can use in separate sessions from the rebonding. Now the staff who are around do prata. Says the treatment is counted within the 6x sessions.

Pls dont patronise this cheating and unprofessional salon. They cheated $500 from me n i am unable to get back. Report to CASE is useless as they wont take action against these salons.

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