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Chit Chat Corner / If any illegal actions/things becomes legal
« on: May 23, 2018, 09:11:01 am »
Which is the one you will do first?

For me, the first one will be beating up my inconsiderate horrible neighbors first 8) this is actually reasonable since the authorities can't do anything about these inconsiderate horrible neighbors after several complaints anyway  :-\

For mine, my favorites were:

Year 2001: My secondary school "so-call" friend introduced this awesome PC centre as I could use their internet connection to do my internet research school project and also playing PC games. This was where I found out about one awesome game that I have been labeling it as my best favorite until recently.

Year 2007: Got my Playstation 2 as my first gaming console  8)

Year 2011: Finally having a peaceful and quiet life in my good ol semi-detach house  8)

Year 2013: Found out some good career that I could pursue after some of our local fellas winning the Evo 2013's Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

My dislike years were:
Year 2000: Several of my close friends betrayed me during secondary school because I failed to notice my problem interacting with them  :(

Year 2012: Beside my semi-detach house had construction noises which disrupted my peace  >:(

Year 2013 (October) onward: Shifted to a HDB house  :( and had some noisy idiots staying above my apartment making lots of noises often and horrible neighbors finding problems to us >:(

My next favorite year: it will be the year where we shifted house from that lousy ground floor HDB to somewhere peaceful and quiet. hopefully it happens soon

Describe about that game which is your best favorite, give some brief history on how you found out about the game, what you like and dislike about it, and why do you stop playing after so many years. You might want to add some screenshots if you want


- Mugen is a freeware 2D fighting game engine where players can make their own fighting game with it

- I found out about this game on the April of year 2001 where I joined a membership at a PC centre for internet research project for my school work and for leisure. This PC centre was introduced by my secondary school friend. I found out about this game when I was flipping booklet of pc games and found this game interesting as a huge fan of fighting games. After I had my internet connection at home on December of year 2001, I started to use that engine to build my own fighting game from scratch by downloading characters and stages created by the Mugen communities.

- What I like about this game was it is freeware, able to make my own fighting game in any way, able to create fighting character in any way of my own
- What I dislike about this game was it often crash alot when playing through (especially the current engine), difficult in planning what characters I want to add at times, time consuming, character creation is difficult

- I stopped bothering about Mugen in year 2017 because of the troublesome crash problem which was pretty disturbing most of the time

Chit Chat Corner / Your favorite dreams that you had during sleep time
« on: April 20, 2018, 12:44:47 pm »
As far as I remember, I have two favorites and they were:

1) When I woke up, I was in my old semi-detach house and I always thought that I have moved back there from my current $hitty lousy horrible noisy ground floor HDB apartment. The peace and quiet there always makes me doesn't want to wake up and wants to stay at my old semi-detach house forever :P I have dreamed about this several times from what I could recall  :P

2) I remembered I had a dream of having fun with different girls, most of them were my female ex-classmates, my crushes, actresses, some girls I have seen and have not seen before 8)

what are yours?

Chit Chat Corner / Time travel to the past
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:29:17 pm »
I am curious to know like which year do you wished to go back either to talk to your younger self or going back to the past since you know what has happened during that period of time?

For me, I wanted to go back to either in year 1999 or year 2003, either speaking to my younger self or going back to the period to do the right thing(s).

Chit Chat Corner / Weird luck
« on: April 15, 2018, 11:40:59 pm »
I wonder have anyone of you encountered this kind of weird luck like for example, you like seeing girls around especially those syts and you like ogling them when they appear. A pity that they rarely or never shows up when your mood is in carefree (no stress) and sadly that most other types of people appear such as different races people, elderly, kids and so on except for those syts. When you are in stress situation like this Monday, your boss will have a meeting that would involve retrenchment employees which one of them might be you and you are worrying, lost your mood, and suddenly you see most syts appear and surround you mostly?  ???

All About Love / Reason(s) that you are still single
« on: April 12, 2018, 08:17:01 pm »
For me:

1. troublesome
2. I need to be initiate to talk to the girl first and amuse the girl to like me
3. I need to keep on spending so much money on her and her family members to treat them meals, outing etc
4. No freedom
5. if she sees a guy who is better than me and breaks up with me to be with that jerk, then I feel like I am like a fool
6. if she has a cold and we share foods or kiss together, then I got spread by her
7. I am fugly
8. I am more interested in other things than in relationship

Chit Chat Corner / How do you find out about your weakness?
« on: April 11, 2018, 11:35:13 pm »
For me, it was when I tried to play fighting game which is my hobby as the same level as those professional fighting game player 8) How about yours?

Chit Chat Corner / Post your class photo
« on: April 08, 2018, 04:42:11 pm »

That was in year 2009 where I was studying at oversea school with these lots of oversea people as my classmates, most of them were from China, can anyone guess which one is me?  :P i.e I had a crush with a girl who was standing in the front row, the one on the second right hand side  :-[ but too bad that she is a MILF now :'(

Help Me! / Quit ogling at girls
« on: March 29, 2018, 08:13:06 pm »
Are there any ways other than castrate? This fella has the same problem as mine: but mine is in different fetish :-[ The way he could overcome his problem is wearing an elastic band on his wrist and whenever he sees any girls in his favorite stocking, he would pull the band and snap on his wrist. Here is one way which I believe  :-\ so I wonder, are there any other way(s) beside that?

Chit Chat Corner / Requesting to view Police CCTV installed in HDB
« on: March 18, 2018, 06:41:44 pm »
Hi, does anyone knows are there ways to request from police to view their CCTV installed in HDB blocks? I am not sure like if someone messed up neighbor's flower pots and in order to view who that person messing up the flower pots, is it possible to request from the police to view their CCTV?

Help Me! / very annoying neighbor
« on: December 05, 2017, 08:50:00 pm »
Hi, well my family have been having fraud with this pair of elderly for a year and a half who keeps on doing inconsiderate things towards us. We stay on ground floor as show which I circled in blue:

and they stay on the third floor as shown which I circled in red:

What the elderly guy did is he keeps on throwing foods below our kitchen window. Sometimes he would throw it onto our window and it bounce back on the ground. There are many pigeons flying around our area. The time that he throws foods is random timing.

We went to make complaint frequently to NEA about his inconsiderate behavior. The first complaint that we made was on last year December 2016. After we made the complaint and the next day, my parent saw him standing outside our kitchen window doing something suspiciously. He looked up on our window and got shock and walk away after he saw my parent. I went to check behind our kitchen window below and saw several black hairs on the ground and our below our kitchen window's wall are stained with gasoline. I used my hand to capture a few liters and smelt it to prove that it was really gasoline. We went to the police station and made a report about him, but the policemen said that we need to have evidence such as capturing videos of him doing the act.

Whenever he passed by us behind our kitchen window, he keeps on glaring at us and continue to do even more annoying inconsiderate behavior. We have been complaining to NEA about him. They have managed to capture his inconsiderate action once and was fined. The NEA officer summoned him to their office when they sent letter to him, but the elderly guy ignored and still continue to do inconsiderate things towards us.

One of my family members kept on falling ill for no reason and we did not know what was the problem. Last month, we stop complaining about the elderly guy's inconsiderate acts to the NEA, my family member did not fall ill anymore. So we did not know what to do, capturing his inconsiderate doesn't work as he is very aware of his surrounding and has many of his neighboring friends helping him to keep eyes on NEA officers for putting video to record his inconsiderate act.Most of the time, the NEA officers couldn't capture his acts, but only once.  If we complaint about him to NEA, one of my family member falls ill for no reason. I suspect it was the black hair that he puts under our kitchen window must be some black magic. So I am not sure if there any other ways to due with him?

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