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Gaming / Pokemon!
« on: January 16, 2017, 11:41:48 am »
Anyone play pokemon? =D

Chit Chat Corner / [Official]POKEMON GO HUNTING GROUP!
« on: August 09, 2016, 10:29:20 am »
~Hello PetalByters~

I created a whatsapp group for us! So we can go pokemon hunting together!

It's my 2nd day playing and I've gotten about 76 different pokemons.
Rare ones I've caught/saw:
Omanyte - Near the Singapore ArtScience Musuem
Kabuto - Marina Bay Sands Shoppes
Dragonite - Esplanade Amphitheatre
Aerodactyl - Mcdonalds in Marina Square\

Do contribute to the list too! I haven't gotten my pikachu!

How to play Pokemon Go:
First create your character.

To catch a pokemon: When a pokemon appears on your screen, tap on it to trigger a battle. You will then need to throw your pokeball at it to catch it. Tap on the ball and swipe towards the pokemon and lift off your finger. If it hits the pokemon, it will then enter the pokeball.
However, the pokemon will sometimes swipe your pokeball away or jump, causing you to miss. Different pokemon spawns in different distance, some will require you to throw very far, some very near, some just right about in the centre. Also tougher pokemons will also still to move around your screen making it harder to catch.
Tough pokemons will frequently break free from the pokeball multiple times before submitting. when you're about to throw your pokeball, you can see a circle crosshair that is either green/green-yellow/yellow/orange/red. This indicates how tough it is to catch the pokemon you just encounter.
Tips on making it easier to catch: There are Razz Berry which will make the pokemon easier to catch. When you are level 12 and above, you will also unlock Great Pokeballs which are stronger. They will lower the difficulty of catching the pokemon (red->orange, orange->yellow etc).

How to Move Your Character in the Virtual World?
You move your character by moving yourself! Different areas will spawn different pokemons. Pokemon spawn randomly on the map. So go Catch em' All!

Pokestops are those blue blocks on the map. As you go closer, it turns into some circular dish. Tap on it to spin it, and it will drop items like pokeballs/potions/eggs/revives. It will then turn purple, and will need about 3-4 minutes before it turns blue again for you to spin it. You can affix module on it, like lure module to attract pokemons to that pokestop. If you see a pokestop will purplish-pink leaves falling, a lure is active. You will see people start crowding that area as pokemon will start appearing every 3-4 minutes.

Gyms are where you fight with other pokemon trainers. There can be up to 3 pokemons in the gym by the same team. And you can use 6 pokemons to compete. If you win, you can takeover the gym, and should you successful defend it, you can earn pokemon coins which can be used to buy items.

Best Tips
Look for areas where there are 2 or more pokestops that are very close to each other. That way you don't have to travel a lot to spin, and also most likely people will place lures in them, so you will see tons of pokemons appearing.

Good spots: Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade, Ion, Singapore ArtScience Musuem. There are 3 or more pokestops in these area. And the lures in these area are almost permanently active.

Exclusives Deals on PetalBytes / Health Products
« on: March 09, 2016, 04:31:04 pm »

Glucerna Triple Care

Mobilised Mobility Scooter

Blood Pressure Monitors

We are a local Singaporean company that tie up with local manufacturer of quality medical and health products so that we can deliver low prices to Singaporeans! =)
For all your elderly care and health nutrient needs!
Ensure Life Plus Glucerna Tena Adult Diapers Wheelchairs

Have you heard of the Insanity Workout? Body Transformation within 60 days.
I'm thinking of doing this after putting on weight.

Anyone into it?

*Online Seller Facebook Group*
Go to our facebook page to join us.
Ecommerce Business Owners (Amazon WooCommerce Qoo10 Lazada Carousell HKTV)

3 Rules:
1) You must have finish reading the first post
2) No promoting of your own products or services
3) Must be active in the group

Hello. I'm a full time seller mainly on Qoo10 and I have been doing so for a year already. Currently a Power seller on Qoo10 with a second account most likely going power seller in March.
Ever since I answered quite a few forummers questions on online selling, especially Qoo10, I just thought why not create a thread to share more.

My background
I'm 25 going to 26 this year. Graduated from SP with a diploma in Music and Audio.
My father is a karang guni who collects recycled materials to sell. My mum is an office attendent. She makes coffee for the bosses, and cleans the office including the toilets also. Both of them highest qualification is primary school only.
I am not very outgoing. More of the quiet type. That's why when I went out to work, most of the companies don't want to keep me because I cannot bond with my colleagues. Not because I never try, but just have no common topics to talk with them. I don't like to work at a job as well, because I prefer the freedom.
This is just to let you know that, you don't need to have big capital to start. I'm just like everyone else. In fact, many people in my whatsapp group are doing very well despite having no relevant experience in this type of business.

Even though I'm a power seller on Qoo10 at the moment, it is not really that big of a deal. It is good enough to pay the bills, and don't really have to work for anyone. In fact there are a lot more other sellers other there that are doing way bigger sales than me.

What To Expect
You don't need a big capital to start with. Many of the sellers in my whatsapp group are even students but is able to do this. In fact, personally I started with less than $1000. You can start with an even smaller capital.
Depending on the type of products you sell, you may need to pack your orders. If you sell cheap products such as usb cables, mobile accessories etc, you can expect it to be labour intensive. We have sellers only focusing on big bulky products instead that comes in boxes which do not require any packing. However you may need more storage space for that.

Here's how I run my online business:

Research the product you want to sell. Look at what your competitors are selling. Then determine your price you want to sell at. If you have no competitors, search on other platforms like ebay, amazon or lazada, and see how much that product is selling there.

Look at the number of reviews on your competitors listing. See how many reviews are being left every day. If there are 2 new reviews everyday, your competitor is selling at least 2 of the product a day. From there you can determine, how many you can be selling a day, and how many you can sell a month.

Before how I continue, here's how to calculate how much money you can make or would like to make.
If you want to earn $2000 per month in this business, and the average profit per sale you make is $5, you would need to do 400 sales a month, about 13-14 sales per day. Let's say if each good selling product can sell 2 a day, you would just need 7 of them and the space to hold 400 of this stock.

I stay in a 4 room HDB flat with my parents and siblings. There isn't a lot of space available, hence I only try to keep 1 month worth of inventory everytime.

There's many places you can source. Offline or online. I will touch on the non-conventional offline methods first.

Daiso - Everything goes for $2 here. You can buy the product at $2 from daiso, mark up on Qoo10 and sell there. I've seen some people doing this.

Wholesale Centres or Stores - I've sold multiple items with products from wholesales stores before. I partner with an electronic wholesale store near my place. I list the item up on Qoo10 and Carousell without holding any stock. When the order comes in, I just walk to their store, buy from them, send it out. Have sold multiple TVs, DVD players and recently Air Fryers. If you are passionate about electronics, can try this out.
One more thing about this also is that, the price of these home electronics is usually higher, so you can see bigger sales, allowing you to hit good and power seller easier. Which i will explain a little more later.

Overseas Wholesale Centres
Thailand - If you are passionate about fashion, thailand is one of the best places to source for clothings and accessories. Their prices are cheap, and the quality is usually better than China. Their designs are usually nicer as well

You can also visit places like Korea if you are passionate about Korean products. Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam etc.

Taobao - You can find almost anything here except branded products. The price is very low, and you can order them in small quantity. However, everything is in Chinese.

Alibaba - Usually you have to order them in large quantities. However, they have products that cannot  be found on Taobao.

Amazon - They always have sale, free shipping etc. You can get cheap US products and resell them in here.

If your product comes from overseas, you will need to import them. Nowadays with a lot of China exports, a lot of companies provide Door to Door services.
There are 2 ways you can ship your products in.
Air - Faster lead time. However it costs more. But then again, you can usually save on the GST amount if your shipment value is less than $400
Sea - Longer lead time. They are usually charged by volume, and hence you can save a lot more money on shipping.

Advertising and Marketing
When you first start out on Qoo10, when listing your item. Most likely, you are not going to end up on the first page when searching for your item. That's going to be a problem, because no one is going to scroll until page 5 to find your product. Most people wouldn't buy from you at all when your listing is on the bottom half of the first page results already.
To get your product to the first few spots of your keyword, you need sales. And constant sales, compared to your competitors. The only thing that affects how your listing appears is sales. The top listing is the one that sold the most on the day itself.
So you need to drive the first few sales in. I recommend using Keyword Plus for about 2weeks to a month, until you start to appear on the top, and you start seeing that your keyword plus ads are not providing as good results as before.
1 more thing also is to not just type the specifications and features of your products, but instead write the item descriptions like a sales letter so that you have a higher conversion of views into sales as you have very little sales when first starting out. Google Copywriting to learn more.

Fulfilling Orders
There are many courier companies out there right now. The ones that I use are, SingPost Normal Mail, SingPost Registered Mail, Qxpress and Zyllem.

All the mailing methods suck. But they are the cheapest. I will touch on the courier methods first and why I chose these 2 to fulfill my orders.

Anything that is 250g and more, it is better to just provide Qxpress delivery rather than Registered Mail.

Qxpress is the cheapest courier company out there. Their price is only $3.94 per small parcel and up to 5kg. Which most products will fall in. I've never seen anything cheaper than this. Qxpress will deliver within 1-3 days, but most of the time they deliver within the next day.
The only downside is that they do not deal with customer returns.

Zyllem(previously Rocketuncle) is a relatively new company. However because of their highly competitive rates, they can now no longer provide same-day delivery to your customers because the courier slots are always fully booked for the next 2-3 days. Their service level has dipped quite a bit now because their couriers are all freelance, and are unable to give you a smaller window for pick-ups. Depending on the courier however, they will usually call first.
They do not provide free re-deliveries and hence, if you customer is not able to pickup the parcel, you will still be charged with the delivery fee.
However, their prices are still the best for parcels 10kg and above.
Both Qxpress and Zyllem will pick up from your doorstep for free, even if it's 1 parcel only.
The downside is that they do not provide redeliveries. If customer not around, you need to pay them a 2nd time for them to deliver again. Price is only $5 for one way trip up to 2kg.

Other courier companies worth mentioning.

UParcel - A very new local courier company that operates similarly to how Zyllem does. However, their prices are not as good, and the parcel dimensions are smaller as well.

NinjaVan. New local courier company as well. Price wise also quite competitive at only $6 per parcel and guaranteed next day delivery. They deliver after working hours as well. Free redeliveries
Downside is you need minimum of 3 parcels or they will charge you for pickup.

Dpex. Another courier company at only $6 per parcel, no minimum parcels and free redeliveries but deliver within 2 days.

Taqbin? I don't use them at all because their price is very high and they have strict dimensions. For very small parcel if exceed their dimensions the price goes up very quickly and they start from $7, $6 if you place them with 7-11.

Before I move on, you can now start calculating the profit per sale of the product you are selling.
Profit = Selling Price*0.88 - Product Cost - Shipping - Fulfilment
You may want to add in the cost of your packaging materials and if you hire a packer, you might want to add in the cost as well.

Customer Service
I use an alias for my customer service personnel on Qoo10. So that no one knows who I am. As in the future, my plan is to outsource all these customer inquiries to a filipina over on to answer everything for me.
Customer service is the most important. Trust me on this. I've sometimes sold questionable products unknowingly on Qoo10. But because my customer service is there, customers always leave good reviews for me. The more reviews you have, the more confident people are going to buy from you. Try to give as much value as you can to the customer.
I am always very open to refunds and returns as well. And also, because I know, most people can't be bothered to return just because there is only some slight defect on the item. As it takes effort for them to go and mail back the item to me.

My last advice on starting Qoo10 selling is to order small quantities first, to sample the products. If you are unhappy with the quality or for whatever reasons you decide not to bring it in as a product to sell on Qoo10, sell it off on carousell for cheap.

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