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“Free Meng Wanzhou! We love you!” shouted Joe Luo outside the British Columbia Supreme Court in downtown Vancouver.

The burly businessman was using his lunch break on Monday to protest against the detention of Huawei CFO Sabrina Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested in Vancouver on December 1 and faces possible extradition to the US to face fraud charges.
Luo was handing out posters that said “We Love You Huawei” to fellow supporters of Meng, at her bail hearing.

There was no shortage of takers.

A couple of hundred members of the public had converged on the courtroom for the 10am hearing. Some were rubber-neckers. Others were critics of China’s government – including Gao Bing Chen, a prominent anti-Communist-Party blogger, who was clad in a lavender corduroy Mao suit.

But such folk were easily outnumbered by avid supporters of Meng and Huawei.

The crowd filled the 149-seat gallery and about 100 spilled outside in the waiting area, where at least five large televisions were set up to relay proceedings.

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[BANGKOK] Thailand's junta has lifted a ban on political campaigning ahead of 2019 elections, an order published by the Royal Gazette said Tuesday, more than four years after it was introduced following the kingdom's latest coup.

One of the military's first acts after seizing power in May 2014 was to outlaw political activity of all kinds as it headed off opposition in a country notorious for its rowdy -- and often deadly -- street politics.

But the ban was officially lifted on Tuesday, with a return to polls slated for February 24.

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It is now public knowledge that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is suing veteran Singaporean blogger, Leong Sze Hian for defamation over a  Facebook share he made on his Facebook profile, on 7 Nov.
The  article which Leong shared was an article by States Times Review (STR), entitled, "Lee Hsien Loong becomes 1MDB’s key investigation target", which was published on 5 Nov.

The article claimed that  editor-in-chief of investigative journalism platform Sarawak Report (SR)  Ms Clare Rewcastle had mentioned Singapore as "one of the key  investigation targets, alongside Switzerland and United States"  in the 1MDB scandal during an interview with Malaysian media.The claim was rebutted by SR, calling it "misleading" and "erroneous," and made a  request for STR to "correct the false claim."

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Tumblr, the online blogging site owned by Verizon since its July 2016 acquisition of Yahoo, will ban adult content beginning Dec. 17, 2018.

The site, founded in 2007, makes the move about three weeks after its app was removed from Apple's App Store following some child sex abuse content appearing on Tumblr.

Even though the site works with groups including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to screen uploaded material, some content got on the site. After it was spotted, "we immediately removed this content," Tumblr said in an update posted on its site. "Content safeguards are a challenging aspect of operating scaled platforms. We’re continuously assessing further steps we can take to improve and there is no higher priority for our team."

Now, Tumblr says it will move to ban all adult content as of Dec. 17, including photos of genitalia, as well as photos, videos, illustrations and GIFs of sex acts.

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KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 4): Fugitive financier Low Taek Jho and his associate Eric Tan Kim Loong are to be jointly charged in absentia in court today for allegedly laundering a total of US$125.97 million.
It is understood that the prosecutors will ask court to issue warrants of arrest against them.

The two have been accused of laundering US$113.43 million and US$12.54 million being proceeds of unlawful activity they had received into ACME Time Ltd’s account in RBS Coutts Bank Ltd, Singapore.

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Meet Ryan, a seven-year-old kid who simply loves to play with his toys such as Legos, trains, cars.
He also earned US$22 million (S$30 million) over the past year and has more than 17 million YouTube followers.

Forbes has just released its list of highest-paid YouTube stars and the precocious first grader who fronts Ryan Toysreview topped the list.

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Food Glorious Food / Eating Half Boiled Eggs May Cause Colon Cancer........
« on: December 03, 2018, 08:56:42 pm »

US President Donald Trump and his  Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have agreed to halt new trade tariffs for 90 days to allow for talks, the US says.

The two men met in Buenos Aires after the G20 summit for their first talks since a trade war erupted this year.

China says they agreed not to impose any new trade tariffs after 1 January.

At the summit earlier on Saturday, the G20 leaders agreed a joint declaration that notes divisions over trade but does not criticise protectionism.

What was agreed?

Ahead of the G20, Mr Trump had told US media he expected to go ahead with plans to raise tariffs on $200bn (£157bn) of Chinese goods - first introduced in September - from 10% to 25%, starting in January.

The White House says this move is now suspended for 90 days but adds, "If at the end of this period of time, the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the 10 percent tariffs will be raised to 25  percent."

In return, the White House adds, China agreed to buy an unspecified but "very substantial" amount of agricultural, energy, industrial and other products.

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At an interview with state media CNA, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh  Chok Tong vehemently denied that Lee Hsien Loong was given special treatment in the SAF and the ruling party PAP led by his Prime  Minister father Lee Kuan Yew.

Lee Hsien Loong was the world’s youngest Brigadier General and fast-tracked to a ministerial position and later appointed the Prime Minister in 2004.

Minister Goh Chok Tong blankly lied at the interview saying there is no “white-horse” treatment in the Singapore army and politics notorious for cronyism:
    “I just look at who could be good candidates. It could be by  another surname, that happened to be a Lee … Yes, he was the prime minister’s son, but I knew the system very well, that when he came in there would be others looking at you like a hawk, whether you had received any special treatment just because you’re the prime minister’s  son… In the SAF, we had to be very careful when we recruited top civil servants’ children, sons, into the SAF, national service; ministers’  sons, judges’ sons. We had to be very careful they didn’t receive any special favours. This was very important because if they received special favours, you can’t expect the other national servicemen to support them. Likewise for Lee Hsien Loong. We have our own views in politics.”

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Travel / Marriott hack hits 500 million guests
« on: December 01, 2018, 11:15:29 pm »
The records of 500 million customers of the hotel group Marriott International have been involved in a data breach.

The hotel chain said the guest reservation database of its Starwood division had been compromised by an unauthorised party.

It said an internal investigation found an attacker had been able to access to the Starwood network since 2014.

The company said it would notify customers whose records were in the database.
Starwood's hotel brands include W Hotels, Sheraton, Le Méridien and Four Points by Sheraton. Marriott-branded hotels use a separate reservation system on a different network.

Marriott said it was alerted by an internal security tool that somebody was attempting to access the Starwood database. After investigating, it discovered that an "unauthorised party had copied and encrypted information".

It said it believed its database contained records of up to 500 million customers.

For about 327 million guests, the information included "some combination" of name, mailing address, phone number, email address, passport number, account information, date of birth, gender, and arrival and departure information.

It said some records also included encrypted payment card information, but it could not rule out the possibility that the encryption keys had also been stolen.

"We deeply regret this incident happened," the company said in a statement.

"Marriott reported this incident to law enforcement and continues to support their investigation. The company has already begun notifying regulatory authorities."

The company has set up a website to give affected customers more information. It will also offer customers in the US and some other countries a year-long subscription to a fraud-detecting service.

In a statement, the UK's Information Commissioner's Office said: "We have received a data breach report from Marriott involving its Starwood Hotels and will be making enquiries. If anyone has concerns about how their data has been handled they can report these concerns to us."

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