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BUTTERWORTH: A man accused of seducing a married woman suffered serious injuries yesterday after he was allegedly beaten up by a group of 15 men in Kampung Bekah here.

It is understood that the man had courted the 31-year-old woman for the past seven years but without success.

Seberang Perai Utara district police chief Assistant Commissioner Noorzainy Mohd Noor said the man approached the woman’s home Jalan Padang Benggali Telok Ayer Tawar and coaxed her to come out.

Noorzainy said after the woman refused to entertain his request, the man forced open the door and dragged her out of the house.

“The woman refused the man’s advances. However, the man was adamant and pointed an object in her direction.

He said subsequently, the man, whose house was surrounded by a mob, called his sister and pleaded for help.

“As soon as she arrived, she saw a group of men entering her brother’s home and started hitting him.

Noorzainy said the man was allegedly punched, kicked and hit with motorcycle helmets. The man also claimed that he was assaulted by the woman, her father, her brother and her husband.

Noorzainy said police believe the man was carrying a knife when he was approached by the woman’s family.

He said the man, who suffered injuries to his head, hands, back and hips, has been sent to Hospital Kuala Batas for treatment.

“Following the incident, the woman and her family members were detained by police at 2.05am today to facilitate investigations,” he said.

He said the case is being investigated under Section 148 of the Penal Code for rioting.


Every time I hear the word “accountability,” it pushes one of my biggest buttons. First, because I hate everything that goes along with not being accountable, such as blame, excuses, irresponsibility, unreliability, and untrustworthiness. However, the second, and probably worst thing about people and organizations that aren’t accountable is that without accountability, there’s no growth, no learning, and no improvement, but somehow they just don’t see it.

There’s one particular organization I frequent as a customer that is the poster child for lack of accountability. The leader doesn’t speak the language of accountability and he doesn’t require his staff to either. As a result, the organization languishes in mediocrity, the same mistakes and missteps happen over and over, and worst of all, since lives are on the line based on the work the organization does, those they’re charged to protect and care for suffer from their lack of willingness to improve.

For any person or organization to be successful, they’ve got to stop speaking the language of blame and excuses and start speaking the language of accountability, and it starts with the organization’s leadership.


Please! Don’t walk around barefoot

Skip the ice in your drink

Don’t sit in your seat the entire flight

Ditch your contact lenses

Don’t turn off the air vent over your seat

Don’t eat food after it’s fallen on the tray table

Don’t use the blankets

Don’t forget to stay hydrated

Opt out of coffee or tea

Don’t booze too much

Don’t touch the flush button in the bathroom

Don’t fall asleep against the window

Don’t wear shorts

Don’t feel embarrassed to tell a flight attendant you’re not feeling well

Get stuck with the middle seat

Don’t touch the flush button in the bathroom

Don’t fall asleep against the window

Don’t feel embarrassed to tell a flight attendant you’re not feeling well

Don’t neglect your A.M. skin care

Don’t fall asleep before takeoff

Don’t guzzle a soda


Liyin Lee is at SIM Global Education, Singapore Institute of Management.
21 hrs · Singapore ·
(10.45am, BLK B level 4SIM)

To all female students in SIM and everywhere else, PLEASE BEWARE of this guy if you ever see him in school especially when he is roaming around the toilet.

While I was in the cubicle doing my business, I felt something above and when I turned to look, I saw a phone over the edge. I immediately left the cubicle and pretended that I had left the toilet while I was actually waiting for him outside with my friend that I texted to come over immediately. he took a while to come out and pretended to flush the toilet twice lol. when he came out, we questioned why was he in the female toilet and he said he had a stomach ache and went into the wrong toilet ACCIDENTALLY.

He was denying it till we decided to call the police. We asked him where was his class and he said level two BUT, WE WERE AT LEVEL 4. So how did he accidentally go into the female toilet at level 4 while having a stomach ache with his class being at level 2? lmao, good attempt to lie ?

Police said that this was NOT HIS FIRST OFFENCE.

SINGAPORE: Dozens of Apple customers have  had hundreds of dollars each drained from their bank accounts, after being billed for purchases they did not make on their iTunes accounts.

.........One of the victims is 28-year-old Deepan Chakkaravarthi, who discovered last week that nearly S$700 had been drained from his account at DBS.

Shocked that his "account balance had been completely wiped out", Mr Deepan called DBS and was told that six iTunes transactions had been made.

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I once made a mistake. An unforgettable mistake which haunts me till this day...

That was 3 months back. A new team member just joined us. We did our usual routine and served dinner as usual.

It was only after service had ended that I realized we used the wrong noodle sauce for dinner.

I sat in silence for a long time.

The taste would be OFF for every bowl that was sent out during dinner. 67 very unhappy customers ate and left.

I had failed.

Both sauces were almost identical, except that one was without a crucial ingredient.

I wanted to warm it up before adding that ingredient. Somehow, there was a mixed-up and the wrong sauce was used.

My regular customer, a friendly lady that used to patronize us 2-3 times a week came on that fateful evening.

She never came back again. We lost her.

No chance for me to make amends.

You see, I always instil in my team the importance of maintaining consistency and to strive for excellence in every bowl that we send out of the kitchen.

But what I tried so hard to prevent actually happened.

We were totally crushed and our spirits sunk rock-bottom at the realization of the error.

That mistake kept flashing inside my head again and again. I tossed endlessly in bed that night.

It was a careless mistake. But we were so upset that we made a vow never to let such a situation happen again.

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Chit Chat Corner / Sicario 2 movie review
« on: Yesterday at 11:17:02 pm »
In the sequel to Dennis Villeneuve's brilliant treatment of an America stretched thin in its efforts to repel and dismantle the Mexican drug cartel collective, Emily Blunt's disillusioned Kate Macer has presumably returned home for good, while the wolves of questionable conscience have come out to deal and murder to their hearts' content.

"Dirty is exactly why you're here."

With explicit blessing from the defense secretary, covert operations specialist Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) gets into a whack'em all mood. Romancing a mercenary contractor over dinner, he purchases the private military muscle needed for a protracted war against anyone and everyone-strike teams, black hawks and attack drones. And so begins an amoral death opera of first executing one kingpin on the sidewalk in broad daylight, then kidnapping the progeny of another- levying calculated misery in hopes of lighting the fuse for an internecine conflict between rival cartels. Graver's emotionally damaged bloodhound Alejandro Gillick (Benicio Del Toro) is simultaneously let off the leash to dispense his brand of carnage, and soon the body count mounts with no end in sight.

As Taylor Sheridan's script intended, things unravel terribly and the situation spirals into an absolute FUBAR. Push comes to shove, the US black bag apparatus scrambles to sever ties and eliminate all traces of  involvement. Every potential liability becomes fair game for termination, even little Isabel Reyes (Isabelle Moner) isn't spared. Her fate subsequently becomes entwined with the decisions made by both male leads.

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 The twin sisters who were filmed assaulting and spitting on a condominium manager were found guilty of their offences after a protracted trial lasting 21 days over two years.

 Chinese nationals Tang Bei and Tang Lei, both 50, received their verdict on Thursday (19 July) for the incident in 2015. A viral video of the incident shows the sisters involved in a heated confrontation with condominium manager Colvin Quek Choon Kiat in Simei Green over the issue of an access card.

 Tang Bei, who is a Singapore Permanent Resident, was convicted of one count each of causing hurt to and using criminal force on Quek, while Tang Lei, who was on a special pass, was convicted of two similar counts. They were also convicted on one count of causing hurt to security guard Bligh Charles Kenneth, who was trying to intervene during the argument between Quek and the twins.

 According to the prosecution, Quek first met Tang Bei sometime in February 2015 after he was informed by security that someone was tailgating others to exit the side gate of the executive condominium. When Quek approached Tang Bei to ask if she had an access card, the latter told him it was “none of his business” and that she had “no time for him”. Quek told Tang Bei to visit the condominium office as the woman slipped out of the gate.

 On 25 February, Tang Bei visited the office alone and passed Quek two $50 notes to pay for an access card but failed to provide relevant documents, including a tenancy agreement and an identity card. When Quek asked for the documents, Tang Bei asked for the return of her money before a dispute broke out between them.

 Tang Bei became aggressive and tried to enter the counter as she pressed her body towards Quek. She then hit Quek on his head a few times before threatening to sue him for molest. She took her money before leaving the office. Quek lodged a police report following the incident.

 Quek next encountered Tang Bei on 28 April that year when she came to the office with Tang Lei. Sensing that an encounter similar to one in February might occur, he placed his handphone on a cabinet to record the twins’ actions.

 Tang Bei told Quek to go away as she did not want to see Quek’s “ugly face” and used an expletive on the manager. After Quek responded to her comment, Tang Bei was enraged and a dispute ensued. Tang Lei splashed liquid from a can on Quek repeatedly while Tang Bei spat at his face.

 Security guard Kenneth, who entered the office earlier, intervened but the sisters continued their attack on Quek, including throwing a bunch of keys and the empty can at him.

 Quek was assessed at a hospital to have bruises and abrasions over his face and head.

 In mitigation, the twins’ lawyer, Richard Siaw, asked presiding District Judge Sarah Tan for a fine of not more than $1,000 on the charges of causing hurt and not more than $500 on the charges of using criminal force. He said that his clients were first-time offenders and their actions arose out of “impulse as a consequence of (Quek’s) provocation”.

 The prosecution brought the hearing to an abrupt halt after telling the court that a stern warning for Tang Bei for forgery in an unrelated incident on 24 April 2015 would be administered to her after the case.

The announcement surprised Siaw and prompted Tang Bei, who was in the dock at the time, to cry “never” and “lies” in English.

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About 800 holders of Hyflux's notes, perpetual securities and preference shares got their chance to meet the management for the first time since the company applied for court protection in May.

Holding on to bonds that will be  maturing next September, Ms Teo attended the townhall session held by  local water treatment firm Hyflux on Thursday (Jul 19) hoping to know if she will get her money back.

But she left feeling disappointed, said the investor who declined to reveal her full name.

“It felt like they needed to do their due diligence in giving us an update but it was as good as no information.”

.........Seen as one of Singapore’s most successful business stories, Hyflux made the unexpected move on May 22 to seek court protection for a reorganisation of its business and liabilities. The household name, which first made its mark in water treatment before venturing into the power market, cited “prolonged weakness” in the local power market for the turnabout in fortunes.

Trading in its SGX-listed shares and related securities has since been suspended, leaving tens of thousands of retail investors reeling. This includes 34,000 holders of its perpetual securities and preference shareholders, as well as 16,000 shareholders.

To  address these concerns, Hyflux partnered investor advocacy group, Securities Investors Association (Singapore) (SIAS), to organise three townhall sessions.


The first was held at Thursday noon for the noteholders, followed by a session at 7pm for holders of preference shares and perpetual securities. About 800 stakeholders registered for both sessions,  according to SIAS. The evening session, in particular, was packed to the brim with about 600 investors.

Another 155 ordinary shareholders will get their chance to quiz the management, including Hyflux  founder-CEO Olivia Lum, at their session on Friday at 7pm.

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Chit Chat Corner / Advice to my fellow jobless Singaporeans
« on: July 18, 2018, 04:22:54 pm »
As cynical as this may sound, locals persistently suffering long term unemployment have PAP's myopic policies to thank for. High costs of living, ever increasing CPF retirement sum requirements to meet , a vastly uneven playing field existing between foreigners and citizens as well as National Service obligations have all played a part in creating a very toxic job market. Meanwhile policymakers and PAP supporters have their fingers in their ears going "lalalallalaal I can't hear you." or "at least you're not in Africa" or "no rape at 3am"; talking about high GDP and low tax rates on capital gains, indirectly invalidating your concerns, as if your problems aren't real.

I have been jobless since 2010. Performed all types of part time jobs, even ended up working as a security guard in a cemetery. I started (and failed) multiple businesses, eventually finding some minor success trading in the US market. My advice to those frustrated by the present inertia of things as far as job-hunting is concerned: get started by driving for Grab or work in delivery. The small amount of money will see you through to the next day and the next and the next...... with fingers tightly crossed, eventually your circumstances shall take a turn for the better. Give up on the white collar jobs for now. The job market is not as rosy as the papers make it out to be.

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SINGAPORE — Although still a good hedge against inflation, the days  of making a quick buck from property are over, declared a senior property analyst on Tuesday (July 17).

With the Government’s latest cooling measures, owners attempting a collective sale will have to reduce their asking price to  seal the deal as the cost of land acquisition has increased significantly for developers, said JLL’s head of research and  consultancy Tay Huey Ying at an industry seminar organised by the Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore (Redas).
The cooling measures that took effect on July 6 saw Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) rates raised and Loan-to-Value limits  tightened for Singapore citizens, permanent residents and foreigners in a bid to “keep prices in line with economic fundamentals”.

Besides a 10 percentage-point increase in ABSD rates for developers, they are also subjected to a 5 per cent ABSD that is non-remittable if they buy residential properties for development.
Homeowners typically make higher profits by going en bloc than by selling their homes on the resale market.

Although there is “still room for collective sale activity”, the en bloc market will slow down further, Ms Tay said.

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