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Ok noted.
In case I do ps one day will nv go iran to do.  :-X

Help Me! / Re: very annoying neighbor
« on: December 06, 2017, 03:17:04 pm »
 :( times r bad.
坏人变 siaolang  :o

Help Me! / Re: very annoying neighbor
« on: December 06, 2017, 12:59:46 am »
Wad is making fraud?

Why the neighbour abit scary one ... black hair  :-\ how did he put hair under your kitchen window and what u did with that hair?

Doing handover  :o

All About Love / Re: Funny Cartoon on EDMW
« on: December 04, 2017, 01:27:47 pm »
Too many Andy laus :o

Can't blame them the women available for paid services too swee

Interest Groups / Re: Hot Babes
« on: December 04, 2017, 01:10:12 am »
Too late I saw it... :-[

Huh? Put inside riser wont get stolen meh?   :o

Got ppl open riser to check whether got parcel one meh .. 0.0 I don't think so wor.

Hardly ppl even walk along corridor. At least for more ulu area lol.. one day hard to see ppl walking ard liao.. few hour should won't lost ba  :-X

Nowadays current era de predator their Xian tao skill like primary sch standard... No wonder they don't bother to brush up skills .. there are actually ppl falling for it Alr.

Watch less Korean dramas lar

V common among mainstream courier.
Too jam packed.
That's y I prefer use those courier which will provide u deliverer number. Sometimes sms the courier say deliver until 10pm cannot reach your block have to carry on next day. Can't blame them but company lack of manpower. They also v poor thg. If I can't wait Will msg them put inside my electrical riser

All About Love / Re: Female friends, early 30s and still very single.
« on: December 01, 2017, 02:41:05 pm »
I met a girl 6 years ago while being married to my ex wife, a typical spoilt local girl. My ex wife was emotionally abusive. She had 2 affairs and blamed me with the most bizarre reasons. I tried to salvage the marriage again and again in vain. I finally gave up and waited for her to divorce me given the fear of the women's charter. She eventually found another man, 3rd one and divorced me. I gave her more money than she contributed to end things quick.

This girl I met was through mutual friends. We went out on charity events and got together as a couple after I gave up my marriage after 8 years but before the 6 years of dreadful wait to divorce. My ex-wife's sense of entitlement would have robbed me of everything. She demanded 75% of my income as maintainence the last time she wanted a divorce and only stopped when her new bf dumped her.  Even though I was still married, this new girl stayed by me. She's above average looking, 166cm/53kg, highly educated, comes from an above average family. No lack of better suitors but she rejected them all and stayed with me.

She doesn't splurge and is frugal. I make 3x more than I used to 11 years ago and so I occasionally splurge on her with holidays in Europe, Australia and East Asia but she always makes it a point to ensure I have good amount of savings despite all that.

I asked her to move in after my divorce was finalised, i got to keep the flat and the pet. After moving in, she insisted to cook for me and does most of the household chores without complaint and this went on for months. I was completely touched by this and I quickly made it a point to help out as much as possible. When I need to work from home during the weekends, she stops me from helping so I could concentrate on my work. When I went on business trips, she stayed faithfully waiting for me to call her on whatsapp when I'm back in the hotel even when we are of different timezone.

She makes it a point to put on some light make up when we go out as a sign of respect for her man even though she still can make some heads turn without make up.

My car is about to expire and while considering a new car, she encourages me to buy something inexpensive focusing on practicality instead, a far cry from what I have now.

She is everything you are not and I love her, appreciate her faithfulness, sacrifice and dedication to make our relationship work. She does not make excuses like you do. 21st century or not, efforts put in are still efforts. Though I don't expect her to cook or do household chores (i could have hired someone every fortnight), she went ahead and took ownership of her place in the relationship and made a real difference. She could have allowed me to buy bags that cost thousands or asked for expensive jewelleries and I would have tried to give her but she didn't. Instead, she wanted me to manage my finances instead investing them in places that count. I make it a point that she pays nothing whenever we are together,  try to make more money myself so i can afford doing that.  This is my show of respect to her efforts.

We have already gotten a date to marry at the beginning of next year and I am prepared to start a family with her. Something i never dared to think of with my ex wife.

And also, she's a PRC.

Ok this WOT is believable. PrC v positive attitude and hardworking , would choose em over local staff anytime

All About Love / Re: Female friends, early 30s and still very single.
« on: December 01, 2017, 02:36:52 pm »
I believe Singaorean ladies are at least 400% better than all other women around and please believe me I am not racist, I have been dating quite few ladies and sorry to say, they were spot on "professionals" and not going for love and family but just gold diggers or worst..

I am divorced and 50, working for a bank and trying to build a family; I thought I could have a chance (Im good looking) but every one treats me either as a wallet or worst.

So I guess the problem is where to find a good looking Singaporean lady who wants family
And don't worry I love making gifts and see my wife in nice dresses and high heels every single day.

But seems the problem is that Singaporean ladies despite what has being written above, don't really are open to foreigners (I am Caucasian European and scientist and educated person, and I didn't drop from the sky here, employers offered me the job).
Then all foreign national girls come and literally fill up the place, leaving us no room for choice.

So, I am with you, I love to see a well dressed woman and all, but I think the problem is, where to find her??!!! And I mean Singaporean - not other immigrants that came here escaping their country's conditions and throw themselves to anyone having a condo (kindly don't scold me as discriminating, first, we all know the reality and second, we all have preferences, so I'm looking for a feminine Singaporean lady having a normal job, which I thought is not that much to ask)

Thanks for reading so far.

I assure you there are still good men looking for local ladies to start a family. But please communicate..

Thank you and all the blessings for Singapore

Wow your singlish really up to par with the locals here wor. Confirm European and scientist and educated  ???

Going to KO liao mah ... doesn't matter right? ???

Booking sugar babe is around $10k /mth right? ??? .... so i think 3mths must jiak kao poon lor

Yeah hor...kekeke  :P

I got 90 days supply of Cialis .... :-X

Didn't know can tk everyday one  :-[ :-[

I will "bao" ah-lian sugar babe - with snake or dragon tattoo crawling up the small of her back from where the sun never shines, for 3 months and have wanton raw secks daily .... phuiyooooohhhhhh...  :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

Y only 3 months le  ???

All About Love / Re: Ah-lian says boyfren make her abort foetus
« on: November 29, 2017, 01:54:35 pm »
I think "white knights" will be attracted to those chiobu-types right? 

Law of the jungle and Darwinian selection will weed out those feeble-minded ones bah?  which is not altogether a bad thing now?  unless they reproduce faster than they can be wiped out .... :-[

Errr hurhurhur  :-[
Must always be on top of the food chain
Hope they grow wits faster than they get wiped out / reproduce

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