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All About Love / Re: Reason(s) that you are still single
« on: June 17, 2018, 02:34:37 am »
Harrrrhhhh  :o ... chiu also believe in reincarnation meh? ???

In my "past life" mean v long ago  :-[

Pitchstop closed liao ... no more xmm to beo liao ...  :'(

U work nearby de meh , such ulu place cfm little customer :P

All About Love / Re: Reason(s) that you are still single
« on: June 16, 2018, 03:32:41 am »
Yes, compromise comes bite us in the a$$ eventually ....

Acceptance is key in a relationship.  Not compromise ...

Hey ... i seemed to have this conversation before !  :o

Like deja vu leh ...  :o :o

Yeah in my past life we had this conversation  8)

All About Love / Re: Reason(s) that you are still single
« on: June 15, 2018, 06:35:21 pm »
I was a perfectionist turned happy imperfect person lol.

There's a whole broad range of things I can accept now. Almost nth I couldn't accept.

All About Love / Re: Reason(s) that you are still single
« on: June 15, 2018, 05:09:01 pm »
too much expectations...  :-[ I'm a perfectionist and look for a perfect one for myself... I know there is no perfection in our life but still
Are u a happy perfectionist

I tot your lab last time very ulu ulu de .... got café bar meh? ???

I think not good idea to site research and labs near bars bah ..... what if scientists and collaborators put in fake data in their bid to make "happy hour" or put in wrong data in their inebriated haze? :o

Somebody told me - Scientists are only human beings
I'm not worried abt alcohol making them put wrong data but rather sometimes I heard the money hazes their minds in inebriated state den they might accidentally key wrong lo  ::) esp those industrial ones..

Last time there's a cafe bar there called Pitchstop. Not sure if it still operating now  :P but it mainly sells coffee ... very limited alcoholic drinks only whiskey

Only if you like peaty whiskey.  Else i recommend Balvenie 16 yrs.  Vanilla and chocolate notes. Nice finish ...

Best value for money is Glenmorangie Dornoch ...

You drink whiskey de meh? ???

I hv gin, vodka, and tequila.. Don't usually like to drink neat or on the rocks except gin :P usually is mix cocktail. Whisky last drank v v v long ago when the cafe bar near my lab only had that liquor .. but I don't mind new addition to the family  :-[

Archerly I never tk note of brands I just whack the popular mainstream ones as long it makes me feel gd after that it's gd alcohol  :P

So far only white wine and beer doesn't make me feel gd after drinking  ???

I recommend Lagavullin 16 yrs ... value for money smokey and unctuous ... jin ho lim

Available dfs onot, I was just wondering what to buy next trip lol.

Everything can be reduced to a set of binaries .... you will know whether the gal can upz or not ...

Too abstract already.. I need to drink some alcohol to understand..

Yupz ... i know exactly what you mean .... the clarity is almost painful .... like entering the Matrix like that ....

Wad is the matrix u always talk abt leh lol

I think your brain wiring and mine is sama sama ... :P

I have the clarity of a thousand suns when whiskey is coursing through my veins .... especially on the other side of midnite ...

Can do fourier transforms one ....

Yeah last time right below my lab got one cafe / bar ... had to hv whiskey daily while having one week deadline to redo a 40 page thesis... worked well for results ... Not to mention hv to excuse myself before important timings to sneak somewhere where there's no one to hv my bottled convenient cocktail.

Feel like liqueur is my best friend  :-X To loosen the nerves and think better

Ehhhh ..... you cannot tar all the sheeps with one brush laaarrr ... got cabin crew on this forum one okayyyyy .... sekali you kenna orh-bak-kak then chiu knowwww ... :P

I think beer goggles make guy look like Andy Lau ....

Not All la, some are good but rare, same as in media industry still got those got depend on 实力 one and not tainted.

I dunno la, I only know I always make myself tipsy when I need to do math or accting, makes it more efficient and less mind blockage. So I can't believe when one is tipsy can affect judgement lol. For me actually easier to multitask yet get it right.

the gal on the left (ex-cabin crew) basically confirmed that all stewardesses were s1uts ...... I think better not meet her ex-colleagues .... otherwise kenna orh-bak-kak .... :P

I also forgot to mention that another key take-away from the video is that to have ONS must make gals drunk first .... alcohol increases chance of success many fold

Agree with para 1 before seeing this video lol.

Don't agree with para 2... when one is tipsy one is still conscious and can think... I believe those ons involving tipsy girls.. they are actually acting coy and to feel less guilt for those adventures... if they see handsome or rich guy trying their luck... If they see the opposite you think they won't "undrunk" immediately meh lol...I'm assuming by drunk they don't mean unconscious.

Hmm look like early thirties. Will be harder to diao kia ba. One in 5 chances given its done during ovulation. If really kena is very "unlucky" le.

Chit Chat Corner / Re: [AMA] I am a Hypnotist
« on: June 13, 2018, 10:58:38 pm »
Wow..... sharshar is 高招 ....champion of champions ... 8)

Not like dat one meh. I saw an ang moh video with 5 wives they interviewed the wives one by one it seems to me that they are quite deep trance liao. Accepted one another as sisters sharing 20% of the same "good" man...

Most power is influence ppl mind  :-[ :-[ :-[
If can mass psycho ppl can hv the world liao  :-\

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