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3 months of practise should get u jingle bells. not difficult but breathless at times.
in fact, if u do it daily, 1 month is enough

I was thinking Kenny G and not jingle bells lor ....  :-[

Please don't put Chye Seng Huat out of business lei .... :-[

@SarahPB  @cherubcove

not true. we also interested in our own retirement nests and financial profiles.
we need to know more abt money.

I wish my mom, my wifey and my sister were like you. :-[

Everytime talk to them about investing their money their eyes glazed-over ... :-[

Maybe they got their own 私房钱 or what larr i don't know but frustrating for me when i am trying to educate them financially for their better good...  >:(

I am a big fan of SG Budget Babe. she writes well on critical issues on financials for female.
I will say anyone, male or female, should visit her site and read all of her posts that you want to learn more.

i was awaken by her blog some years ago and realised female need to know more abt our own spendings, savings and investments.

Wow .... she sounds like a woman after my own heart ... got pics to show? ???


.... another instance of how western scriptwriters are trying to brainwash kids into accepting LGBTQ behaviour .... 


The Singapore Islamic Scholars and Religious Teachers Association (PERGAS) said on Wednesday (Sep 19) that it does not support the repeal of Section 377A of the Penal Code, which criminalises sex between men.

PERGAS said that its stand is based not only on religious grounds, but also due to its "concern towards moral and social values, that can affect the family institution as well as the fabric of society".

"The repeal of this Act can cause several worrying implications. Among them, it will threaten the importance of the traditional family unit as the foundation of society," PERGAS said, adding that Islam emphasises on the formation of a family through legal marriage between a man and a woman.

The statement from PERGAS also said that if Section 377A is repealed, it would "affirm and normalise the LGBTQ lifestyle", which conflicts with the government's policy of building strong family units to strengthen the fabric of society.

"It may also cause confusion among the younger generation regarding morality and moral values. PERGAS is of the opinion that if the Act is to be repealed, it will further affect the population growth of this country, which we understand is a major concern of the government," the association said.

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Tattoed girls are broken

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Don't understand girls  :-[

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