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.... yupz ..... all Malaysian Airlines stewardesses should wear the burkha to prevent passengers from having wild licentious ideas ...... sometimes their baju kebaya is so tight that I cannot breathe properly ..... :-[

Hahahaha ..... sorry i couldn't stop laughing .... :-\

feeble-minded singaporeans using smart tools....

We'll get there faster alright .... like lemmings over the cliff  riding souped-up PMDs .... :P

I believe it was a LGBTQ libtard trying to cast SPF in a negative light ....  >:(

News, Current Affairs Discussions / Don't Jelly Jay Park
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Wedding, Home and Family / Re: married men beware of your wives
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not paid service. mutual consent between 2 parties. ladies don't mind?! chinese slim. this post is meant to warn men

not paid service means not gigolo liao loh ...... mutual consent then of course we outsiders no need huan lor mah ....  unless got some pictures to share ....

why would ladies mind leh?  if this fella can go like tarzan all night long ..... will kenna complain meh?  maybe neighbours larrrrr

Wedding, Home and Family / Re: married men beware of your wives
« on: Yesterday at 11:44:36 am »
he think its mutual satisfaction. nothing wrong ethically. he has great confidence in his skills. what do you want me to share?

so paid service and satisfied women ..... that's mutually beneficial mah ..... can advertise his service here loh ...... i'm sure some ladies wouldn't mind ..... maybe include some details .... ie. whether he is hairy like ape,  strong like tarzan,  honey-mouthed etc etc

Wedding, Home and Family / Re: married men beware of your wives
« on: Yesterday at 07:30:58 am »
married women are having sex with a man, FrXXXX at his house in changi rd. how come the hub don't know??

wow ..... this is juicy ! .... share ! share ! .... sharing is caring as they say !

so this guy must be quite a stud gigolo since so many married women are going for his services .....

sounds quite discreet since no need to rendezvous at hotels .....

Yes .. unfortunately, there are still unethical ones who put their own interest before the client's interest. Thats why I always suggest doing some homework before buying anything.

I myself is one who is kiasu and will do my own homework even when Im buying things like laptop or gadgets .

Yes.... take personal responsibility instead of abrogating this to the FA/FC who may not always have your interests at heart ....

BTW, what do you think of Universal Life?  Can hoot or not? Good?

A financial consultant is a professional to help you plan well. So being a savvy consumer may help you avoid the danger of the FC overselling or you buying something that doesnt suit your needs.

You do realise that if the FA/FC were truly a professional, she/he would be selling something suitable for their clients right? .....  :-X

who goes to Gaza for vacation?  that's just a dirt patch ! ....

slurred speech? ??? ..... usually I have that after downing 3/4 of a bottle of Balvanie's 17-year old scotch. :P

but seriously, I was starting to worry that the US president was a "great great" retard who was going to make America "great" again with his "great great" schemes ....

thank goodness Amos Yee is there to shore up his IQ and EQ ..... that's just swell !

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