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piggy does as piggy frens do.... we are the company that we keep .... birds of a feather flock together .....

agree somewhat with @happyshar - the balance of power in the relationship is unevenly keeled .... as vanillaicecream aka VIC used to say on FP - "never make someone a priority when you are not his priority" .... saves a lot of heartache on your part.

All About Love / Re: Online dating - Yay or Nay?
« on: Today at 01:12:50 pm »

Yeah think of a "friend" contact who attempts to deceive you like a prey lol.

wow ....bustard ! ... :o :(

All About Love / Re: Online dating - Yay or Nay?
« on: Today at 11:30:18 am »
No because got a lot of misogynistic guys pretend to be gentleman but actually camping looking for prey to pump and dump nia.  :-X

Nicer ones are the blatant wolves.

Think, when they run out of money for prostitutes.   ::)

Ok maybe a less pessimistic view would be cleaner online apps / platform solely interest based .. Or if one is open to open r/s and fwb

Wow ... u sound angry ...  :-[

Chit Chat Corner / Just for Laughs
« on: Today at 11:27:25 am »

okay ... which cuckoobird from SDP made that call? ???

Travel / Re: Hotel Mono.....erm looks quite bland
« on: Yesterday at 04:22:42 pm »
the roller blind is a major phail ..... one knows that it will let sunlight through and subject you to a rude awakening when you're trying to sleep in

one day Regina Kum will kill Ah-Keong ..... :P

they should have lockers at MRT station for people who want to leave their luggage or parcels behind ........ oh wait ....... :-[

stats manufactured in China are as good as their products ....

For me I use a serum called Tru face Essence , it works quite well for me, yesterday I met my NIE professor whom I never seen for years she was like what u never grow old wan. Haha ;) then when I walk into condominium, the security guards also got shock I don't look my age.

Pai seh cannot post photos here cos I actress so hehe.
GPGT !!!! :P

Cosmetics & Make-up / Re: Weird makeup trends
« on: Yesterday at 12:45:24 pm »
this one?

I see liao jitao puke my kopi siew-dai over my monitor .....

Food Glorious Food / Re: SNACK SNACK SNACK!!!
« on: Yesterday at 12:40:36 pm »
Yea, I just finished another packet of Irvin's Salted egg fish skin.. but didn't record yet... Gotta buy more of some of the other Singapore's brand and do a overall salted egg snack review! Finding time to commit! Haha! Stay tuned!

also don't forget Taiwan snacks like Shilin chicken chop and Korean fried chicken ..... 8)

Wedding, Home and Family / Re: Relationship problems and advice
« on: Yesterday at 12:36:52 pm »
These days marriage is just a word. A lot couples CMI will just be like divorce. Sad.

it is the generation of "instant gratification", more likely to cut-lose when troubles are a-brewing ....

All About Love / Re: Online dating - Yay or Nay?
« on: Yesterday at 12:31:06 pm »
These days you don't meet people at the bar anymore. You meet people online. We're in the era where online dating to meet your other half is still getting accepted. I want to know what you think.

Personally, I would click Yay! because ain't it great we can choose our other halve like how we choose our shoes ;)

the key to perfect feet is to alternate and rotate your shoes/heels ..... never wear the same pair in the month ....

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