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Cosmetic Procedures & Surgeries / Re: breast augmentation in singapore
« on: August 15, 2018, 02:27:47 pm »
i would also love to enhance my breast :P

The first review about facial contouring and zygoma reduction I've heard from my American friend, she got it at Regen in Seoul. I was also interested in cheekbone reduction, but scared a lot. Dared to lay down under the knife only 4 months ago. My face now looks very natural, more beautiful, neat and much more attractive. Really liked the results. I've heard of Regen a lot before, in Let Me In show and from QiuQiu, so didn't consider other places. My surgeon was Dr.Oh, very sincere and attentive to details. His English was quite good, but they provided an English speaking assistant anyway. You can take a look at my before and after pics.

Is that you in your avatar too? I love your hair hehheh!

TOMS. With a variety of colours.
I got the white one, the blue one, red one, black one and brownish green one. lol..
All super comfy and light. but if it rains, then Nowadays keep raining like no one's business, I don't even dare to wear it out. is quite funny. took me 3 secs to figure out the joke lol

my "machine" that does the same job as that 5 figure machine cost only $20 ..... 8)

uncle beaver so smart.
make coffee for us one day pls! teach us more.
go master French Press coffee, pour over coffee, aero press coffee, and all the different styles please!

Cryptocurrencies / Re: which cryptocurrency is the most superior?
« on: August 13, 2018, 08:40:15 am »
Do you guys think trx coin worth it?

not a fan of trx.
but then, my ether not doing well too

this machine looks damn expensive.. probably 4 figures cost.

i stick to pour over.. cheap and good also!

Women's Health / Re: Natural Vitamin C supplements?
« on: August 13, 2018, 08:36:31 am »
i am sure smokers can drop the habit easily... most of them done at least 10-20 times in their life.  ;D

hahaha! i know what u mean.
aiyah maybe they can get vitamin c chewables instead of smoking.
much more healthier!

dr bragg apple cider vinegar is nice...
i wish it is in plastic bottles instead of glass though

50/50 is common. Save up enough money for a glorious wedding(and remember to account for your living expenses too)

hard to 50/50 especially when one side has more cash also.
worse is when the wife has the more cash part  :-[

Nope. That's a stove-top expresso maker.  :-* .... they have both aluminium for gas-stove or stainless steel for induction stove

You need to find your own grinds (preferably medium) ... too fine powder will go through the sieve ....

so expesso maker is just boiling the coffee out of the beans? i am not so expert lol

my guess is you are a guy, so u do not understand.
i have friends, while engaging in petting with bf, was raped without permission too.

having petting does not means sex is given.

Gaming / Re: What games you play or used to play?
« on: March 26, 2018, 11:20:16 am »
Lol woman child can always be alone.  ??? ???
Or find man child  :P

I v independent can do most stuffs alone... (but not strong)
But still am less serious nowadays.
All those seriousness and maturity in the past only gave me costs and not benefits.

man child very active... in his room playing video games leh.
i am with a man child  ::)

Actually, 50/50 is pretty common.
In fact many women these days are more capable than guys. Honestly, I've more savings than my husband. He has no money sense, but that doesn't mean he is bad or unwilling to pay more.

heh your hubby is so lucky!! hope his money sense improve after wedding. This is what i heard from friends, usually after wedding, the guy financial quotation improved a lot

Chit Chat Corner / Re: SG Girl : I had a sugar daddy for three years
« on: March 25, 2018, 02:28:09 pm »
maybe he's just borderline rich .....  the really freakin rich would move on to another sugarbabe .... what's a Mercedes to such a person ..... just a drop in the bucket ....

being borderline rich however ...... he probably feels the pain more acutely .....

yah lor. thats quite true mah.
whats another merc

I lurk to get my 9gags daily.
My bf curious abt wads so interesting there so he surf too.

really? wait wait.. he surfs sammyboyforum or EDMW?
I won't want my bf to surf sammyboy  >:( >:( >:(

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