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Whats your usual car insurance? i know nowadays got Budget Insurance lah, Direct Asia insurance, GoBear insurance, Fwd motor insurance etc etc
you guys go direct or via a broker that represents many car insurers (so that they review and get u the best plans)

Car insurance faq guide for singapore
hope this will help you save some money on car insurance, or let you know what are the different types of car insurance (third party, 3rd party & fire and theft, comprehensive car insurance)
blah blah blah....

All About Love / Re: AMA - Dating Coach
« on: July 06, 2019, 11:55:35 pm »
I have not go to that supermarket for two months and I just went there three days ago with my family to buy things there. i saw the cashier girl again and we were in her station. She looks very different like looks less plump than before. I looked at her left hand, she has engagement ring on her ring finger. Still, she is still intimidate around me and she can still remember who am I :P
one big problem with us men (including me) is that we tend to misunderstand friendliness for "intimacy".
its not, most of the time, women are just friendly with us.

thats the big issue with many men from EDMW too, they think that women are friendly and then not interested to be lovers, means they are being "friendzoned" or golden women too good for them.
its merely friendliness.  ;D

Just want to share this. I learnt a lot from him over the years.
I have been in this thread since the beginning of this forum.... but i don't think i ever mentioned how i got started.

I started selling cushions. And my first cushion was sold in.... 4 weeks.
Yup. it took me 4 weeks to sell a single cushion.
If i continue like that I will die lah.
So i went to this mentor, got him to help me.
In 2 days, I got my 2nd sales... and life improves.

I went to selling other stuff, such as honey, etc... quit my full time job.
and now my business operates around $3m SGD a year..
all coz of i took lessons from him:-
How to sell at Qoo10 Lazada Amazon

TL:DR version

Don't worry abt short term loss, go invest for the long term, and enjoy higher growth -> stock market.
Diversify your global holdings and not just SGX -> Global stock market.
Go for ETF - best ETF in the world with low costs, hands down is IWDA

Buy IWDA via Interactive Brokers monthly (or quarterly), do it regularly.
(Interactive broker threads-

Wait for retirement.


Long version

1) Don't buy life insurance or endowment with cash value. (just buy term or medical insurance with no cash value). The agent commission will kill you.
2) Don't open local brokers to invest in overseas stocks (NASDAQ, NYSE etc), the agent commissions will kill you.
3) Interactive brokers have low fees, low forex, high range of products.
4) Don't depend on your own home for retirement (the 99years leasehold will kill you)
5) Don't depend on CPF for retirement (the shifting goal posts will kill you)
6) don't buy unit trusts or mutual funds, the fund manager fees will kill you.
7) don't trust bankers too much, the bank's self-interests will kill you.
8) Do not take advice from insurance agents who are clothed in branded stuff. Their expenditures depend on selling stuff to you.
9) Always buy term protection, medical insurance and have an emergency cash fund.
10) Never owe credit card debts, the interests (24%) will kill you.
11) Never owe debts for consumption (except for your home, since we all need a home, and maybe a car if your work needs a car)
12) Don't buy a car. If you take a taxi twice a day for 6 days a week, its still cheaper than a car. If you use MRT / buses often and taxi when you want to be comfortable, you get a free Europe trip yearly instead of buying a car.
13) Debts for productive reasons are okay. For example, if credit card balance transfer has promotion rate of 3% for 6mths and you took it for a business earning more than 3%, yes to debts for productive reasons.
14) Start saving young, the older you will thank you for it.
15) The best time to save is from today.
16) Spend money on ways to make yourself more smart, more knowledgable.
17) Spending wisely on family, friends and people who are nice is okay.


In case you have more stuff to add.

Probably not a biggie for you but limiting yourself to IB means you'd miss out on the fat juicy dividends from S-REITs ....

yup. i wish i have access to SGX but MAS don't allow IB. so im fine.
to be honest, canandian and USA stocks (REITS) higher dividends than SG....

just feel like holding some SGX from time to time. so i always get IPO if got good IPOs

I am a singaporean who wants global exposure to stocks for the long term, investing to retire, so want low cost brokerage account. 4-5 yrs ago, i found the solution: interactive brokers and I thought its better to share with Singaporeans. Pls do this to invest / trade for the long term.

You will thanks all the IB supporters later!

Open Interactive Broker account.
They are an international broker with a local Singapore branch and Singapore DBS bank account for easy deposit and withdrawal of funds.
Do a FAST transfer of SGD to their account and you can see it in your broker account within 10 minutes.

Advantages of Interactive Broker -
1) Super low commission (LOWEST in the world. I got paid negative commission for trading in illiquid products. IB paid me a commission for selling puts/calls in illiquid stocks!)
2) Super good forex. If you buy stocks in USD / JPY / EUR etc, this is the best way to convert SGD to USD.
Transfer SGD to Interactive Broker account in DBS, it will be in your IB account within 20minutes, go use your SGD to buy USD.SGD or whatever currency you need. the rate is damn low
3) Wide range of products.
I have other international brokers such as thinkorswim etc, and some products just could not be found in other brokers.

Bad points:-
i can't really think of any.
Some Singaporeans may not be comfortable that the stocks you bought are not in a central account like Singapore's CDP, but that is actually the norm in USA. Your stocks are legally protected in separate holding account in the broker's business, so this is not really a disadvantage.

You can't buy SGX stocks in IB, that is because IB is a global broker so MAS set up rules to protect local brokers (see? our local brokers charging us an arm and a leg). Hence if you are Singaporean, IB will stop SGX products. You need to mail them a foreign address to prove that you are living out of Singapore and then they will allow you to trade SGX rules.
This is MAS way of protecting Singapore brokers.
For me, this is not a disadvantage. I avoid SGX stocks and the past 4 years has shown me what a horrific fiasco SGX has been.

There are a lot of other advantages of SGX, you can separate different account for different trades, you can set up other userid for others to log in and trade for you legally, etc etc, or trade forex via future contracts (not those small MarketMakers pips) but those are beyond me. I am just a investor with itchy hands to trade options. Mostly naked puts and covered calls (or naked calls at far away OTM)

they even have trading academy for those who want to learn the basic (no fees)

Just realised many singaporeans still do not know that they can sell their hdb without an agent.
All the paperwork and admin is streamline to sell a hdb to a buyer.
The only difficulties, of course, is listing your hdb online for interested parties.

That means Seller probably has an incentive to engage a property agent to help showflat, but the buyer definitely has no need to have a property agent to buy a flat.
Both seller and buyer can just use the HDB portal!

You can just login to the government HDB portal to sell your HDB

One you register on the HDB portal, you can check out the Ethnic Integration Policy and see your flat’s Singapore Permanent Resident (EIP/SPR) Quota. This will help you to determine which buyers are eligible to buy your flat.

HDB Seller’s Quick Checklist
-Meet the Minimum Occupation Period
-Find an alternative home to shift to
-Have adequate funds if you are purchasing another flat
-Check any outstanding lease administration issues
-Is your flat is affected by any Upgrading/Estate Renewal Programme
Sell to eligible buyers in compliance with EIP/SPR Quota policies

Buyer do not need an agent at all. He can just browse propertyguru, and carousell for HDB and condo and visits them on his own without property agent

Seller may not need if he choose. The admin and paperwork can be done via HDB portal easily. He may choose a property agent to help with showflat.

It is Singapore tax season again? The usual please submit your income tax by 18 April so that IRAS can assess and charge you for nation building.

I have a fair bit of non-salaried income, how can I reduce my tax deductible? Any good accountants to share or not?

i only know the usual recommended ways to reduce tax
1) SRS (Supplementary Retirement Scheme) where your money saved in it is removed from your current year income, so reducing your taxable income. Good idea for people planning for retirement but bad idea for people like me who wants to have more cash in bank for business or property investment.

2) Donation deductible- good idea since you are helping charities in Singapore and also government will reward you for donating.
But there is a limit though sooooo

Any more tax deductible moves? Any accountant here who can share tricks and tips?

I own a corporate that is paying GST and was hoping to learn corporate ways too. Been trying to use R&D for 400% tax deduction but that is not easy. maybe not even possible for my sector.
Googling a lot but not much useful informaiton.

i think blockchain is useful, just not as useful for cryptocurrencies as a store of value :(

Money and financial discussions / Re: Passive Income Ideas in Singapore
« on: January 11, 2019, 08:31:51 am »
Sell ebooks in Amazon!

The key to first few dates is treat her as a friend you want to meet for a 2nd time.
don't be shy or nervous. Be more confident.
Afte all, girls like confident guys. You are only here as a friend, so don't worry or be too nervous on other stuff.... don't over think.

Ok I am going to reveal the biggest KEY TO FIRST DATE. What is the beautiful question (concept) that you can ask in a date that will let her enjoy the date and go out with you for a 2nd time.

1) Tell me more about yourself.

Yup. Most of us worry about what to say to the date. how to impress the date. how to score.
Forget it, the key is to let the date tell us more about himself/herself.

This is true whether you are the girl or guy in a date. Let the other party talks about himself / herself

Listen. Understand.
This is far more useful than talking and talking and talking.
and of course, participate if he/she ask you questions or ask you to tell more on yourself, but always shift the attention back to him/ her


Forgotten If I hv asked this question. How to blacklist certain address from purchasing?

Can cancel order but that would cause deducting of service points.

heehee. i know what u mean...
as long as total service points + shipping points is not negative for the month, you are fine.
they reset to 0 every 1st of the month anyway :D

hi, am a new joiner.  Have ins around qoo10 Global vs qoo10 SG.

1.  what is the difference in setting up as a seller in qoo10 Global vs qoo10 SG?
2. if i list my products in Global, will people that logged into SG still see my products?
3. likewise, if i list in SG, will people who logged into Global see my products?

1) set up in qoo10 SG first if you are a singaporean seller. they will auto set to Global Qoo10 too
don't worry abt global... sales are pathetic, most sales are done local since people turn to their local qoo10 to buy from local sellers.

you are a singaporean shopping, would you prefer to buy something from someone based in Singapore or overseas?

2) yes
3) yes too.

global qoo10 is just gathering all the listings from,, etc etc etc

Business & Entrepreneurship / Re: Recurring income business idea
« on: November 22, 2018, 01:54:30 pm »
Posting clickbaits?
Be a youtube blogger?

thats in my original post le ma-- youtuber

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