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I am a big fan of the moisturiser that is published here... I actually see the doctor at Radium Medical Aesthetics. They won an award for the product and I am glad they did because it is wallet-friendly and good!

Thank you!

Was interesting to go through the article...these products are really expensive though :)

Also, I never heard of these brands, so where do you usually buy them?

yeah ... Don Don Donki does offer "for-value" products.

trouble with some Japanese products is that not all have English labels
I would recommend that you stay away from sulphates like SLS/SLES if you have sensitive skin ... they are frequently present in face-wash products (although less so these days) ....

also ingredients such as PEG-80 sorbitan laurate .... they can be irritating to the skin

decyl glucosides (APGs) can also be irritating for some people

Thank you for all of your tips. <3

My skin is highly sensitive, indeed. I try to avoid all kind of acids or alcohol in the content. 

So I am going to pay attention, keeping in mind suggestions you wrote.

you can try either Japanese or Korean beauty products .... they tend to be quite mild.

you can sometimes browse Japanese skincare products in Muji

or my current fav .... Don Don Donki ....

this is their on-line site for Singapore (they are a Japanese discount chain)
the Whip Premium facewash is quite good value for money as are many other beauty products

EUR 1.00 = S$ 1.60

for Korean maybe Innisfree? .... but I think they are quite pricey for my budget.

Wow, the second link offers really chip products. What about the quality? Are they seriously good?

I was always trying to stay away from the "below 10 EUR" category products. In Europe you can hardly get something good for 2-5 dollars. Only Nivea products, maybe.

Job Openings / Re: Par time jobs available
« on: February 01, 2018, 03:58:26 pm »

You can try out the platform:

Hope it helps!  :)  ;)

It was really wonderful to see how many ladies are into sport nowadays!  :)

My personal choice is pilates workout and zumba (only one a week). Unfortunately, I have a back problems. For this reason, I really have to limit my sport preferences....nothing to jumpy or too exhausting.  :-\

Hi Ladies!

I am coming from Germany, but I will be visiting Singapore in a few months (short 1-week stay).

In Europe, we don't have a large access to the Asian beauty products, which are considered to be very good. :(

I have a problematic skin (oily/combination skin type) and I am quite desperate to find a skin-care product which I would really like. I already tried all pharmacy brands and, at the moment, my choice is Clinique.

However, I would like to take an opportunity and try out one of the Asian skin care products. What could you suggest?

PS Should not be something not too expensive :) 

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