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majorities of girls like those four eye guys, now this news proves that four eye guy is no decent, they should open their hearts for guy like me who is always often labelled as a freak that discomfort girls :P

When I was a kid, Pan Ling Ling visited my parent's shop at Chong Pang area since she stayed around that area. I heard her mum has a noodle stall at Chong Pang hawker centre. I have also saw her husband, Huang Shi Nan at Chong Pang area, he looks like Heidern from King of Fighters to me :P Hong Hui Fang's son looks like Iori Yagami to me, especially his attitude when I was watching his "While We are Young" drama  :P I could have hire the two of them to be casts for my King of Fighters movie if possible ;D

They were in a film called "Shanghai Knight" working together where Donnie Yen was one of the villain. I am glad to see them working together again  8) hope Jackie Chan is the main antagonist in Ip Man 4 as a counter part to their Shanghai Knight movie  8)

All About Love / Re: AMA - Dating Coach
« on: Today at 01:17:47 pm »
U abit think too much about a stranger wor..
well, my parent notice her behavior too, they said "how come this cashier reaction so weird" and i pretend to act dumb  :P

i'm usually intimidated if the gal's fiancé was around ....
for me, the gal's fiance will definitely keep glaring at me, it happens to me before, years ago :'(

there use to have several security guards patrolling even in the carpark area. I remember I was there studying part time, I was looking around even at the carpark area. There were security guards there watching. I am surprised that murder case happened there

Hwz more fierce bah because their threads can brain wash you de. You prefer your husband to just fantasize or tio brain wash? Some more, use some logic, you can that Sammy material is all fantasies and hardly factually. But alfresco Sammy is good stuff, heavy politics and conspiracy theories.
I visit EDMW but I find it quite normal lah.
These keyboard warriors usually meant no harm I believe.
I don't contribute much, just browse and see the latest happening and talk of the town stuffs.
Take it with a pinch of salt.

Top 5 discussion topic I see today :
1. Jacky Wu said Australia is a Boring place to stay !!!
2. where can i get cheap IPA ?
3. [SERIOUS] Kidney Donation Time
4. How long you take to get used to Cold Water shower from long term Hot Water shower ?
5. who loves xiaomi products

Seems legit leh...
I only like the chinese oldies song thread in hwz, otherwise the rest of it is :( alfresco Sammy has got the zap thing which is pretty disturbing :(

Cannot !!!!!

lol that gif, is that cynthia koh fron Tong Xin Yuan?  ;D

All About Love / Re: AMA - Dating Coach
« on: Today at 12:51:08 am »
I witness something different from this, not sure if this fall under guy they like or guy they don't like:
I was queuing up in a long queue at a supermarket at a cashier station. The cashier was a young teenage syt and she spoke to every customer like after she scanned the product(s) that the customer wanted to buy, she said the price money then followed by "Thank you". When it was my turn, she didn't say anything like the price money of the product then followed by "Thank you" ??? When it was the next customer's turn who lined up behind me, she continued to say the price money of the product then followed by "Thank you".  ???
I have not go to that supermarket for two months and I just went there three days ago with my family to buy things there. i saw the cashier girl again and we were in her station. She looks very different like looks less plump than before. I looked at her left hand, she has engagement ring on her ring finger. Still, she is still intimidate around me and she can still remember who am I :P

Lol I see one question could have three ways of interpretation.

I thought you meant how come you come back and didn't scram to other forums 😂😂😂
I was about to when I was banned  :P but there aren't any forum for me to post  :P

So your lousy neighbour resolved liao or not?
sadly, still not :(

How u get ban one?
No reason?  ???
When I noticed that I was banned, I consulted the admin in the petalbytes official facebook about the reason, he/she told me that I was abusing oversexually words and phrases in my posts  :( when I looked through my previous posts after my ban was lifted, I realized that  :-X now I am scared to post  things :'(

Lolol y the third qns :o
I thought he was asking "How come u managed to come back?" :P maybe because he thought I will not post in any thread in this forum after being ban in some forums  :-\

Huh? ... u got banned? How come u come back?
I think I was banned for a month or so and the ban was lifted or maybe it was the forum's system error and I got unbanned by mistake, maybe  :-\ anyway since I can managed to get back, I would better not post regularly but necessary as I can't seems to find any decent sg forums any where already

All I know was I got banned in this forum for some weird reason :'(

that indian fella forgotten that he is not in his own rapeland  :P

I hope they get chemically castrated and made to serve as bitches in thai prison ....
I preferred them having death sentence so that the poor girl can take her revenge on them

hope that four morons will get death sentence for murdering the poor girl  >:(

The poor japanese woman doesn't know that is a rape country  :-\

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