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Lol I see one question could have three ways of interpretation.

I thought you meant how come you come back and didn't scram to other forums 😂😂😂
I was about to when I was banned  :P but there aren't any forum for me to post  :P

So your lousy neighbour resolved liao or not?
sadly, still not :(

How u get ban one?
No reason?  ???
When I noticed that I was banned, I consulted the admin in the petalbytes official facebook about the reason, he/she told me that I was abusing oversexually words and phrases in my posts  :( when I looked through my previous posts after my ban was lifted, I realized that  :-X now I am scared to post  things :'(

Lolol y the third qns :o
I thought he was asking "How come u managed to come back?" :P maybe because he thought I will not post in any thread in this forum after being ban in some forums  :-\

Huh? ... u got banned? How come u come back?
I think I was banned for a month or so and the ban was lifted or maybe it was the forum's system error and I got unbanned by mistake, maybe  :-\ anyway since I can managed to get back, I would better not post regularly but necessary as I can't seems to find any decent sg forums any where already

All I know was I got banned in this forum for some weird reason :'(

that indian fella forgotten that he is not in his own rapeland  :P

I hope they get chemically castrated and made to serve as bitches in thai prison ....
I preferred them having death sentence so that the poor girl can take her revenge on them

hope that four morons will get death sentence for murdering the poor girl  >:(

The poor japanese woman doesn't know that is a rape country  :-\

this is funny  ;D

Chit Chat Corner / Re: WTF......Man pangsai at Tampines void deck
« on: May 31, 2018, 09:29:02 pm »
last week, some stupid idiot purposely poop beside my front house too >:( I am pretty sure it is the same old fart:

U remind me of a pri sch friend who told me he had a crush on me and I was number 3.  :-X on his list got ten plus other ppl  :-X

And another guy who said that he want to hv 4 wives who knows that he love them all, equally.
exactly ;D

U all talking abt what drama  :-[
U hv crush on how many girls at one go?  8)
My fingers alone wouldn't suffice to list down all my crushes  ;D

Wow .... so drama-mama .... can Mediacorpse make a movie with Brian Wong as Samuel Seow?
I picked Joanna Theng as the 19 year old girl  8) I had a crush on her :-[

Chit Chat Corner / Re: If a guy ask
« on: May 28, 2018, 07:14:03 pm »
Whether u have sister to intro mean wad
it could be that fella wants to woo your female friends or sister?

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