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Crowdfunding success depends on many factors, I was at the Start Up Women's Crowdfunding event the other day and they have a very good sharing by a panel of crowdfunding platform founders.

I think first and foremost, it depends on the type of crowdfunding you'd like to take up. Some research is required there and it will determine which platforms you'll approach. Approaching all of them is a waste of time. You have to be specific because the different types of crowdfunding will require different preparing during the application.

For example, most product or rewards based crowdfunding platforms such as indiegogo & kickstarter, it is common (perhaps even mandatory) to create a video - which I think is a very big hassle. Whereas you can also take a loan through crowdfunding and the process is somewhat similar to a bank application.

Thanks for the info. ;) Yes I think videos are alot of work too. There is no guarantee that the project will be successful too and that money might end up being wasted.

I kept a link that I came across that talks about the costs to create videos.

Business & Entrepreneurship / Re: Mentorship
« on: June 19, 2017, 01:31:58 am »
Professional ones aka paid ? ???
You can try Terrific Mentors

Have you tried their services? Any reviews or points i should consider?

Amazing. Want to try that ZhaDan ;D

Has anyone had a successful crowdfunding project? Which sites would you recommend and how do i start?

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