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Job Openings / **Ongoing Updates as at 10 Apr 2019
« on: October 12, 2017, 07:17:52 am »
SURVEY Respondent needed to participate a one-time 2hrs Focus Group Survey to be held in end of Apr 2019

Profile that we are looking for:-
- 25~65yrs old any races Singaporean/PR Respondent (*can be Full/Part-time Working Adults, Retirees, Unemployed, Housewife, etc)
Incentives : S$100~

Details will be provided thru email. Thread will be delete once quota full.

Serious parties need to response with: PETALBYTES ONE-TIME SURVEY
Full Name, Age, Race, Gender, Nationality, Job Title , Job Industry, Full/Part-Time Working, Retirees, Unemployed, Housewife, etc? & Contact no:-

sent to: [email protected]

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