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I now switch to Lumispa which is a good treatment face gadget have whitening effect too. Interested ladies can buzz me

For me i use Anna Sui but Anna Sui nowadays dun showcase perfumes i think

Of cos! I got mine lumispa already! Just sold out again in March. Next stock in is in April which is next month. Anyone interested can PM me.

My skin is highly sensitive too. I had our oozing our from my T-zone area, luckily someone recommend Nu skin for me, my skin is now so good. No need to change skin care every 3 to 6 months. People do that because they don’t know if those products are safe to use long term. I use ju skin facial products over 10 years. It just gets better and better

Never in favour of cosmetic surgeries , laser etc. Me use facial spa gadgets like lumispa and face spa by Nu skin. Works for me

I am not in favour of lasers, I prefer lumispa and the glacial marine mud mask from Nu skin. Affordable and worth it. No need complicated stuff

I just use lumispa to cleanse and treat my face 2 times a day , morning and night, toner, try face Essence ultra ageloc, moisturiser. All my products is from Nu Skin .

Supplements are not regulated in Singapore. In fact doesn’t mean it’s Singapore or products sold in Singapore means it’s “SAFE”.

For more information abt how to determine the products u buy off shelf is safe? Feel free to PM me

Actually , corset is very good. I have 2 corsets myself but Singapore is too hot so I dun wear it now.

Instead I use my body spa to firm up chest . It works very well hahaha

Hi , do any of you have recommendations to solve the sore of leg muscles? I start working as a waitress last week and I need stand for more than 8 hrs a first it was fine but nowadays my legs are hurting so much especially my calf...

Actually I understand u cos when I worked part time at a sushi bar, I had to stand Long hours too. Basically I suggest u switch job cos Long term has side effects.

I know if someone who worked like that and then when she became 70 over years old, her legs had so much problem .

Alternatively , I bought a body spa gadget which I also use my on my legs . PM me lor

Health, Exercise, Diet, Spa & Massage / Re: detoxing
« on: November 23, 2017, 11:20:42 am »
For me I take a supplement called R2 cos it has a detox supplement component inside it. Works for me though.

When I say detox, I don’t just mean going to the toilet or perspiring only.

It’s more of a cellular detoxification of the body not just liver or kidney

I do a bit of yoga and Taichung at fitness first.

Hi I've heard of this tcm gua sha treatment pairing with a very strict diet instructed by the person which is tailored to your body's needs. Did anyone tried this before? Do share!

I have not had gua Sha before. My colleague went for acupuncture to slim down found it 1 needle was still in her body when she left the clinic. Scary...

For me, I took TRA but now this program has upgraded to TR90 which I also take to cos I got hypothyroid and these weight management helps me to keep in check.

Cos I love to eat so I have to do something. Since exercising is something that I don’t regularly do. My next best bet is on supplements and diet control.

I used to wear MBT shoes cos if the orthopedic benefits buy it got too expensive so I change to Everbest instead

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