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wonder if they are singaporeans

why don't you do one yourself uncle beaver? :P

SINGAPORE - Opposition politician and lawyer Lim Tean, who owes US$150,000 (S$203,000) to a Shanghai businessman, sent in two cheques to settle the debt on Wednesday (Jan 16), ahead of a bankruptcy hearing on Thursday.

The bankruptcy hearing has now been adjourned for two weeks and if the cheques clear, Mr Lim will avoid bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy could cast doubts on whether Mr Lim is able to contest in the next general election, due by April 2021. Undischarged bankrupts are not eligible to stand for election.

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On Friday I sacked 6 Pinoy nationals and 1 Indian national at the MNC I work for. Main reason for doing so? Fraud.

One of the Pinoys who was sacked was a HR personnel (Pinoy), another was an IT personnel (Indian National).

What happened was that these two clowns had colluded in allowing only their own countrymen (mostly Pinoys) to get into the company.

Long story short, we had put up job adverts seeking fresh hires, however every Singaporean applicant who sent in his/her resume was deleted, while the foreigners (Pinoys) were retained.

The IT fella was basically bribed by the Pinoy HR dude to delete the log files on our SMTP server as well, making it seem as if no Singaporeans applied for the jobs. What the IT personnel didn't know was that I kept another log file separately (disguised as a system file) sent to another server.

When I saw the log files did not match and confronted the IT fella, he still had the gall to concoct some bullshit story; it was only after I threatened to report him to the police did he confess.

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2 years ago, like any noob samster, I stumbled onto this forum and started reading up on spas and MLs.

In the beginning, I tried various spas which offered mainly HJs. Then explored a few that provided CBJs and even FJs. For a start, I did not want to go for FJs thinking that I could draw the line. Then, lust took over and I had my first protected FJ in one of the spas. 1 month after the deed I felt guilty and started panicking over the possibility of contracting HIV. I went for anonymous testing and was given the all-clear. Decided to stop as I got scared.

Months after that my dark side returned and I started going for HJs again. This time I only looked up ladies offering HJ with good FRs. Again, lust got the better of me and I started seeking MLs and FLs once more. Without thinking much, I went on to book a ML for a HJ masaage and subsequently a FL, my second protected FJ experience.

This is where things took a turn for the worse. A few days after the deed, my little bro started feeling pain and became swollen. Red spots appeared on my shaft and I freaked out. I thought to myself, what if I caught anything nasty from the FL? I went to the clinic to consult a doctor. He advised me to wait for the window period to pass before undergoing any testing. Gave me some topical cream for the rash.

At that point I felt like my life is over. I have a nice family with 2 kids and I could possibly lose all of them and because I caught this death sentence of a disease. My world suddenly came crashing down on me. During this widow period, I have already made holiday plans with my family for both Christmas and the New Year. How was I suppose to spend it without telling them??

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A CPF member who would be turning 65 in May this year, recently received a mail from the CPF Board. It informed him that he would be eligible to receive S$250 per month for about the next 8 years when he hit 65.

It also enticed him saying that he can get higher payouts if he delays the start of his payouts after age 65. In fact, if the member does nothing, by default, he would only start getting his payouts at age 70.

And if he still wants to get his payouts starting at 65, he must inform the CPF Board.

How to survive $250 in Singapore for 1 month, let alone 8 years?

In any case, at $250 per month, it's not known how the CPF member is going to survive in Singapore for one month, let alone 8 years.

And even if he is able to survive and scrape through by cleaning tables at hawker centers, it's not known if he can continue to do so after 80+ years old.

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Chit Chat Corner / NSFW: sick graphic child abuse posters
« on: January 16, 2019, 03:47:01 pm »

Stomp contributor Johnson Ang's wife was left injured after falling off her bicycle on Saturday morning (Jan 12) -- no thanks to a bus who went too close towards her.

The incident occurred along Choa Chu Kang Road, towards Bukit Batok, at around 8.11am.

Johnson, who was cycling in front of his wife, captured the incident on video.

The 52-year-old recounted: "The coach was travelling beside my wife.

"As it approached my wife, it drove closer and closer, causing her to react instinctively and ride closer to the kerb to avoid the coach."

"As a result, she hit the kerb and fell towards the grass verge," he added.

Johnson said that his wife, 49-year-old Grace Tan, hit her head and sustained abrasions on her left leg as a result.

Chit Chat Corner / GrabHitch Implements Number Masking - EPIC FAILURE
« on: January 15, 2019, 03:05:10 pm »
Dear Grab Team,

I refer to your recent implementation of number masking for GrabHitch rides. I’m presently writing in as a GrabHitch driver.

The recent masking of cellphone numbers has resulted in a plethora of failures for both Hitch Drivers and passengers. Please refer to the Singapore GrabHitch Community Page on FB to understand what is happening. My SMS text messages are being severely delayed and I’m also not receiving prompt confirmation for Hitch bookings. In addition, passengers are not ready for pickup because they aren’t receiving messages instantaneously, despite being sent ahead of time. Please bear in mind that GrabHitch is a service catered primarily to private car drivers travelling through a defined route. We are not obligated to spend wasted time waiting for passengers because of such problems. As cancellations will inevitably increase because of this unfortunate problem, it will cast a negative perspective of the GrabHitch service and ultimately of Grab in itself.

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The recent tension between Malaysia and Singapore resulted in several day tours to Johor for Chinese New Year shopping to be cancelled, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Groups of Singapore residents communities who organised these trips expressed concern over the strained relationship between both countries, and had decided to cancel the day trips to avoid any unexpected complications.

The annual day trips to Johor to shop for Chinese New Year goods and enjoy local delights had been advertised since November and seats were taken up quickly.

Fees paid by participants were fully refunded. Some Singaporean residents also said they refused to shop in Malaysia due to the recent tension of both countries.

Questioning Malaysia's sincerity in resolving the bilateral disputes, several Members of Parliament (MPs) on Monday (Jan 14) wanted to know how much Singapore is willing to tolerate, in the face of continued provocation by its neighbour despite repeated warnings from the Republic.

In response, Foreign Affairs Minister Vivian Balakrishnan made it clear that Singapore has “sharp elbows” and was not afraid to use them when necessary.

 “Any country dealing with Singapore must not assume that it is cost-free to embark on any adventures or antics against us. There will be consequences,” he said. 

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