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Health, Exercise, Diet, Spa & Massage / Re: Water flosser
« on: October 02, 2018, 07:31:28 pm »
My one quite good .... all the dirt come out

Muhahah uncle bj this one lagi good sia! U don't have to visit the dentist for a long long time! :D

Health, Exercise, Diet, Spa & Massage / Water flosser
« on: October 02, 2018, 05:35:48 pm »
Anyone using this?

Some has been recommending me to use a water flosser compared to those traditional thread ones.

There’s many Brand’s out there and I’m looking to invest in one. Pls do share your reviews if u are using them :)


Help Me! / Re: Oppo or xiaomi ?
« on: August 02, 2018, 12:31:04 pm »
I have been using xiaomi as a spare phone for many years . Using mi A1 now for gaming.
Good to use, minimum bloatware from xiaomi as it's running on stock Android .

Hope that helps

All About Love / Re: Help needed, what is she thinking??
« on: July 26, 2018, 09:41:48 pm »
Hmm maybe she's interested too but shy?

Well maybe can try ask her for grp lunch? Together with other colleagues then slowly get to know her ? Easier to get to know someone in a grp setting , less pressure I guess. And no worry will run out of topics to talk abt?

how long have u known her?

"Kind" as in Mr.Roberto aka Cai-Tao izzziiiiiit? ???  :P :-[

Lol.. win win mah no ?
Free s** always ... if got accidents ,  no need to even be responsible .. bcoz NSA..
well the gal get all the wants satisfied.. 🤐🤐🤐

Maybe ASK lo, I think ASK should be easier to chase then self made m/billionaires lol

Ps what does ASK means?

If guy look like Andy Lau and not Andy Lau-sai sure kenna chase de lor ....

Well looks clearly play a part .
Hmm in addition those rich one also ? 😆
Gals will also chase these kind also rite? Can provide them with whatever they want :)

Hmm hard to say whether it's stupid it depends on the person value system lo.
But best not to do with stranger la later kena take video n extort lels  :P

to me , i look everywhere also bo hua for the gal leh.  :-X
maybe i still don't get it why they get fwb where bf/gf also provide u the same too .
well there is always many other variables which i didn't put into the equation.

You think nowsadays millenial generation is the gal crying below the blanket and the guy smoking at window after "the deed" de meh? ??? ..... it is the opposite lei... :'(

sry what do u mean by the opposite ??  :-X :-X :-X

u mean now is the guys crying rape ?

Maybe the guy 小鲜肉 lo, energetic young punk. Lel. Idk leh no experience in this area but not long ago got girl talk about no strings attached in this forum.

seriously ?!
i shall do some digging . this is interesting  :-X :-X

U r roughly which age de? Millennial?

Early 20s consider millennial I Guess?

You think nowsadays millenial generation is the gal crying below the blanket and the guy smoking at window after "the deed" de meh? ??? ..... it is the opposite lei... :'(

Either I’m too conservative or 🤣🤣🤣

Do u mean the gal is the one looking for the hookup? So hiong now ah ? Aiseh..

So now guys don't have to do the chasing now , gals do instead?  ???

Yes. And also both parties must have the 拿得起放得下 spirit.  YOLO spirit is not enough
Validation? Cheaper than finding duck especially if guy is handsome?  Booty on-call?
Ermmmm ....

What’s hmm YOLO spirit?
Young gal dunno anything leh Uncle
Pls clarify😂

I still don’t get it .. which gal would be in the right mind to offer herself , unless u tell me the gal love the guy lo 🤐

Cheaper? I thought is free hurhur.
Still nd to give gift huh? ???

Huh gifts also no need ah..
then y the gal so stupid one ?
Omg 😱

Really got such a thing ah 😰😰

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