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Cosmetics & Make-up / Re: Make up brushes!
« on: July 19, 2018, 02:13:33 pm »
can anyone recommend a good and reasonably priced set of makeup brushes?

hey gurl, maybe you can look up at iprice. They offers different types of make up sets at different prices. You may look at other product prices and make comparison as well. This is the site i went to if i want to shop online.

Indeed... and that dress is super beautiful ! I like to wear maxi dress too ! i even bought it recently online using Zalora promo code. Currently it is my favorite dress to wear. I wear that dress almost every week now. I think i should get a new one as soon as possible hehe.

i'm looking for moisturising and anti-aging cream/serum masks cuz u know.. gg into the age range.. better do some early prevention haha. i'm not really into sheet masks though, too messy for me

any recommendations??  :-*

hey, Ive been using clinelle pureswis hydracalm for more than 3 months. I should say that it is recommended for you to try. Hydracalm is like a lotion for face where it could substitute sheet mask. I only apply clinelle hydracalm before bed and it helps my face a lot. I often travel to dry country and my face just couldn't accept the cold weather. After using the lotion, i can say my face don't dehydrate anymore now. I just bought the new bottle here . I did my purchase with coupons before but i'm not sure if they still have the same offer. In case you want to look for lazada coupons it should be here

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