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EDMW peoples say chiobus' sai gotch no smell de ...  :-X
EDMW.... LOLS !!!

I understand recently that up to 50+ SPF and then beyond, say 100, it becomes insignificant.
Meaning 100 is not going to be twice as effective as 50+
The reason also due to countries not recognizing any product that has more than 50 SPF.
Hence the 50+ came to light, just a marketing gimmick to say their product exceeds 50 SPF.
There are also 2 types of sunblock.
One would absorb
One would reflect

I visit EDMW but I find it quite normal lah.
These keyboard warriors usually meant no harm I believe.
I don't contribute much, just browse and see the latest happening and talk of the town stuffs.
Take it with a pinch of salt.

Top 5 discussion topic I see today :
1. Jacky Wu said Australia is a Boring place to stay !!!
2. where can i get cheap IPA ?
3. [SERIOUS] Kidney Donation Time
4. How long you take to get used to Cold Water shower from long term Hot Water shower ?
5. who loves xiaomi products

Seems legit leh...

if you're going to wear your wife's undies,  just buy her those sexy sexy type and find someone your size.   on the long run this will save you money since you can share the same wardrobe .... or she can hand you down her pre-loved and pre-owned undies .... if you catch my drift .... ;)
You sounds like an expert. You did that, didn't you ?

The biggest problem is guys don't have sexy lingeries than woman do.

Don't get me wrong.
What I'm saying is kit kat don't qualify as chocolate family.

There is a quick easy way to know if what you're eating is chocolate or just biscuits bars.
Well, you only need to break it, either you break it with your fingers or your mouth.
If it is cheap chocolate, the breaking sound would be dull, like "pock" sound.
If its high cocoa content chocolate , it will break with a "Piak" sound.
KitKat tries to simulate the real high cocoa content chocolate breaking sound.. but it's not real.

Help Me! / Re: Is Panty fetish normal for a guy ?
« on: June 29, 2018, 06:40:40 pm »
Cool. I got my first reply.  ;)
But I don't know what happens when the lady of mine knows, she will freak out.. lolx

In the meantime, one bian tai shu shu snapped a picture for his personal collection  :-\ ... u should have told her .... like u would if someone has toilet paper stuck to the soles of his/her shoes ...  :-[

Usually I'm very kaypoh person, will probably tell her. But that day I not in the right state of mood... don't know why.

Chit Chat Corner / Re: Random chit chat for everyone
« on: June 29, 2018, 02:37:30 pm »
I am bored ...

Cosmetics & Make-up / Re: Daily Makeup Routine
« on: June 29, 2018, 02:34:34 pm »
What would be the best make up for guys ?
So it don't look like a heavy make up.
Something nature, but still get rids of some discoloration on the skin and make face looks fresh ?
I do have occasionally apply a compact powder. It's white color, a korean brand but can't remember what brand cos its recommended by a salesgirl, so I bought it.
Because I told her that I don't like the color of those skin toned colored compacts as they made my face different color from my rest of my body.
I only wanted to get a matt clean look.
Oily skins..

One morning I saw a mummy with her boy alighting from bus stop.
Then her shoulder bag caught her short skirt and lifted up her left side, showing a small portion of her panties.
I wanted to tell her, but I didn't, because I hope somehow when she walked , the bag would move around and then untangled the skirt off.
But it didn't.

It's one of those things where you wanted to say it, then you thought it would go away by itself, then it didn't go away, then you really wanted to say it, and unfortunately it's too late.

It's just me.

Help Me! / Is Panty fetish normal for a guy ?
« on: June 29, 2018, 01:03:23 am »
My first post... just need some opinion or assurance...
What do woman think of a guy who wears ladies panties on a regular basis ?
Normal boxer short style panties, regular mid rise panties, some laced panties.
But of cos no G strings or thongs though.

I don't know if this question / post is acceptable here, but if deemed not, admin may remove.

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