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Why Does Dog or Cat Licks and Bites Their Own Paws?
« on: March 01, 2018, 07:39:11 pm »
It is a very common problem we see in the dogs and cats. One of the tell tale sign is the reddish brown fur or darker tone of fur that only appear at their paw area. In some cases, scabs and bald spot can be seen on pet which bite its paws.

There are a few reason as to why your dog is licking their paws. It might be due to a skin issue at the paw area or just out of habit.

There was a period of time right after that my Jack Russell start biting her paws. She would just bite and bite until the whole paw’s skin is off and you can see the blood and fresh. It was brutal and yet there is nothing i can do to stop her from doing there. I tried using medical grade bandage on her, put on a e-collar and even putting one of those cute little paw socks but still she will bite whenever i am not there by her side. Out of desperation, i brought her to a nearby vet and did some test. We found out that she is allergic to the grass around my new house.Ta-da!!! Thats the answer! At least that’s what i thought!

Hence I kept her off the grass and gave her medicines. Guess what? A few days later, she resume biting again. After consulting the vet, I realised she might be biting her paw due to either dirty paws or boredom or maybe both!

Now, i will always rinse her paws after a walk, even when she is not out for a walk i will still carry her to the basin and give her tiny paws a good rinse and then tap dry will a clean towel.
I will make sure i use an anti-bacterial non-toxic pet shampoo. But if you do not have this, it is okay to use a body wash on your pet, you will just need to pay extra care to avoid the shampoo from getting it inside their ears, eyes and mouth – you know how high the chances are! PS: Giving it a good rinse to make sure the shampoo are properly rinse out and how do you know its totally clean out is really simple i.e. it does not feel soapy anymore!

By doing the regular rinses, her biting issues has stop ever since and now she has beautiful paws (paw skin dies grow back on its own) and not to mention smell nice too!

Anyway, here are some of the tips of what to do and some possible explanations when your dog or cat is biting their paws:

1. Check your pet’s paw

Look out for:
– Long paw pad fur: Long paw pad fur trap dirt and moisture that will cause skin irritation and cause the biting and licking.

-Any small or sharp object lodge in your pet paws:Your dog might accidentally step on a small rock or glass when out for a walk.

– Weird/Funky/Foul Smell: Yeast infection will caused such funky smell

– Pain when being touch:Might be a symptom of orthopaedic problem

– Parasite: Some mites cant be seen by the naked eyes unlike ticks. Visit a vet if you suspect your pet is suffering from parasite infestation.

– Any skin tag or skin lump growth?: Of there is, bring to a vet immediately to have them do a body check and lab check if it is cancerous or non-cancerous.

2. Habitual biting/licking Sign:
– Bite its paws when nervous or bored
– Bite its paws even when medication is given

3. What to do
– Send your dog for grooming/paw pad trim to remove all paw pad fur.
– Have a septic powder on hand if you are intending to removing any object lodge in the skin and also in case there is bleeding.
– Use anti-bacterial pet shampoo to wash their paws.
– Use anti fleas and tick products and remember to wash and sanitise your pet’s belonging
– Take note of any change in diet. Food allergies might be the cause of the itch.
– Spray bitter spray on their paws to stop them from lick, allowing their paws time to heal.

Source http://www.surrpaws.com/why-dog-and-cat-lick-and-bites-paws/