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Tips on how to bath a cat(That actually work)
« on: March 01, 2018, 07:41:23 pm »
How to bath a cat(safely for you and the cat)
Most cat HATE water. A bathtub of water in their eyes is equivalent to a tub full of lava. Bath time  usually involves scratches and bites(OUCH). Here are a few tips you can bath your cat and walk  away unscathed.
1. Gear up
Your cat will usually scratch and bite when they panic and want to escape. You have to wear the appropriate attire to better protect yourselves.
• Long sleeve top
One that you don’t mind being damage
• Arm sleeve and glove
Get the thickest one you can find
• Face mask
Protect your face from scratches and inhaling in fur
• Waterproof apron

2. Prep work
There are a few things you need to do and get ready beforehand so as to make the whole  bath process easier and faster.
• Pet brush
Comb out as much tangle as you can as fur full of tangle take forever to dry. • Diluted cat shampoo
Dilute shampoo is able to be lather more thoroughly and evenly on your cat • Face towel
Towel your cat with a damp lukewarm towel to ease your cat into bathing • Big towel
Towel your cat as dry as possible before starting to blow dry
• Handheld dryer/Pet blow dryer
Use handheld dryer first before transitioning to using a high velocity pet blow dryer • Cage
The loud noise from the blow dryer will sure to startle your cat and they will do everything  they can to run off. Usually after a few blowdrying session, cat will get used to the noise and stop struggling. If it is the first time you are bathing your cat and you do not know how your cat will react to the noise, put it in a cage and blowdry from outside the cage.

3. Prepping your cat
• Start young
Things are much easier if you start bathing your cat since young. You can start bathing them once they are 2 months old. It is very critical to keep bath time enjoyable and comfortable.  • Nail clipping
Always. Always cut your cat nail prior to bathing. I will write another post about how to cut  your cat nail
• Frequent wipe down
Wipe your cat with a damp cloth frequently in between bath to keep it clean and also letting  it get used to coming in contact with water
• Dematt/deshed
Remove as much tangle and undercoat as you can prior to the bathing to reduce blow drying time and the amount of fur being blow out during blowdrying.

4. Bath and blowdry
A lot of cat owner make the mistake of rushing through bath time to get it over and done  with. The main goal is to not to be fast, it is to make it enjoyable for both you and your cat.                                           • Pail and cup
The strong jet of water from the showerhead might scare your cat . For starter, bath your cat  with water from a pail. Slowly pour water over your cat body starting from the lower part of  the body.
• Lukewarm bath water
• Enclosed area
Make sure the door and window of wherever place you are bathing your cat are properly  lock.
• Low temperature blowdrying

Source http://www.surrpaws.com/how-to-bath-a-cat/