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10 Must Bring When Bringing Your Dog Out
« on: March 01, 2018, 07:40:18 pm »
10 Must Bring When Bringing Your Dog Out.

Bringing your fur babies outis very similar to bringing a human baby out. It is not all fun and games, you have to foresee everything that might happen and be prepared for it. As like a parent bringing a baby diaper bag whenever they bring their baby out, a fur parent should to. Here is a checklist of these 10 must have and pack it into your doggie bag before heading out.

Always pack a big bottle of water in case your dog is thirsty or your dog gotten dirty and you can clean it up on the spot.

Wet Wipe
A quick wipe on the face is great for a quick freshen. It is also advisable to wipe your dog paw before letting him enter the car or house after an outing.

The towel will come in handy when you have to give your dog a rinse down after going to the beach. It is also useful in minimizing the amount of fur and dirt. Place it on your car seat before getting your dog on to your car.

Vet Contact
Always have a 24hr vet namecard around. In case any emergency occur like your dog sustaining injuries, you will not be at a loss as to where to send your dog.

Dog Tag With Owner Contact Information
In case your dog got lost, your dog’s tag should have your name and contact number

Styptic Powder
If during the outing your dog broke a nail or sustain some minor cut, rinse and cover the wound with some styptic powder to stop the blood and disinfect the wound.

Poop Bag
Be a responsible dog owner and always pick up after your dog.

Insect Spray
I recommend Neem oil spray. It repels the annoying three: ticks, fleas and mosquito. Spray evenly on your pet every few hour. Remember to spray vigilantly especially if you are bringing your dog to places where there are other many other dogs around like dog park.

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