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In an interview with Channel News Asia on Sunday (13 May), former Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim said that the government is trying their “very best” to grow the economy. He also acknowledged that they are aware about concerns over the cost of living and that residents know that the government “is trying [their] very best”.

When asked by the reporter if Ministers were out of touch with the ground, Yaacob responded that that was not a fair question. He felt that the “ministers are plugged in” and asked the reporter to verify that “almost every weekend, all of us are down on the ground”.

The report then further illustrated this by highlighting the problems with the public transport system when Ministers do not take the train themselves. Yaacob responded that it “was not the yardstick that you should use”. He said that he had previously taken public transport but has switched to a car as it was a necessity.

"Now, because of the nature of my job I have to move from place-to-place, so I have to take the car. I think the measure by which we must judge is how well can you relate to the minister and how well the minister can relate to his constituents," he said.

He said that society needed to “look at the totality of things” rather than an oversimplification of whether they take the bus or not as that was too “minutiae” a criteria to be used. He then felt that “Ministers are concerned when there is a big problem and that [they] need to tackle that problem.”

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