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The Land Transport Authority said on Thursday (16 Nov) that train service on the Tuas West Extension would resume next Monday, and that the old and new signalling systems on the East-West Line would be isolated “for up to one month”.

The software glitch that led to the train collision at Joo Koon MRT came about when the faulty train “was transiting between the old and new signalling systems”, the LTA said in its statement.

The finding has prompted LTA and SMRT to isolate the signalling system at the Tuas West Extension while investigations are ongoing. The Tuas West Extension runs on the new signalling system while the rest of the East-West Line runs on the old signalling system.

More at https://sg.yahoo.com/news/tuas-west-train-service-suspended-sunday-khaw-disturbed-software-glitch-led-collision-014023894.html



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when I think software glitch - TCS (Tata Consulting) or Infosys comes to mind .... they are famous for their unwieldy patches that take one helluva lot of man-hours to debug ....

that's because they don't listen or don't do a proper User Requirement Analysis ....

I hope TCS or Infosys didn't write those real-time quotes ..... otherwise we're fugged ..... imagine trying to debug millions of lines of codes .... KNNBCCB .... >:(
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