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A Memorandum of Appearance has been filed by me with the High Court today, to indicate that I will be claiming contest of the defamation suit filed against me by the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong on 5 Sept 2019.

After much deliberation and consideration, I have decided to represent myself in court.

As a result of this decision, there will be no crowdfunding for my legal defence as I do not have to pay any lawyer fees and court filing fees  are still manageable. Please do not donate to any online or offline fund raising campaign created in reference to my case.

I will have to file my defence for the case within 14 days from today and the pre-trial conference is scheduled to happen on 15 October 2019, 9.30am.

If members of the public are adamant on helping me at the onset of my legal battle against the Prime Minister, please consider supporting The  Online Citizen (TOC), Singapore’s longest running independent online news platform, which is owned and currently solely run by me, who assumes the position as the Chief Editor and is supported by a few staff  and volunteers.

As I will have to devote my time to prepare the case’s legal defence and learning about the court’s procedural rules, less articles will be published in the foreseeable future and consequently ad revenue is expected to decline.

More at https://tinyurl.com/y25rg829