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Traveling during the holidays can be a worrying experience, with delays, mishaps, and extra layers of security to get through. But one woman is sharing a particularly bad experience: She says a member of Congress got her kicked out of her seat in first class.

Jean-Marie Simon, a teacher from Washington, D.C., was returning home from a trip to Guatemala. According to Simon, on the final leg of her journey, she was bumped out of her first-class seat on United Flight 788 from Bush International Airport in Texas to Reagan National Airport in D.C.

“I said I wanted my seat, that I had paid a lot of miles for that seat, and that it was United’s responsibility to undo the seat assignment and return it to me, the person who had paid for it,” Simon wrote in a lengthy Facebook post detailing the event.

She says she waited to board the plane after a short weather delay, and just before getting on she saw a woman she didn’t recognize ushered onboard the plane by a flight attendant before everyone else.

More at https://sg.yahoo.com/news/teacher-claims-united-booted-gave-seat-us-congresswoman-213301253.html