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The high ministerial salaries that ruling party politicians receive have been a hot button issue for years in Singapore. Presently, an  entry-level minister earns S$1.1 million while Prime Minister Lee Hsien  Loong is paid double that, S$2.2 million.

The uproar over high ministerial pay has intensified over the past few months after Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong declared at a recent community event that “ministers are not paid enough!” and  that it is “very populist” to demand that ministerial pay be slashed.


PM Lee’s recent confirmation that political office-holders were paid a 4.1 months performance bonus  in 2017 riled some Singaporeans further since many locals are contending with the ever-rising cost of living here – what with the  hefty water price increase, electricity tariffs increase and impending  Goods and Services Tax hike.

Compounded by stories of the elderly and the needy struggling to survive, Singaporeans on social media have pointed out that the nation’s  leaders’ continue to earn hefty pay packets even while some in society  grow more and more desperate.

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