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Hi Samuel,

I have been following ur Sammyboy webpage for a couple of weeks now and is very impressed with what's been done.

Anyway, I'm Jason Tan, a New Paper journalist, and I recently read your interview with BigO.

I would like to meet you. Have a cup of coffee and talk shop.

Let me know ok. I understand you may be a bit apprehensive.

But look at it this way. The authorithies probably knew about your business long ago. If they wanna get you, they would have done so long  ago, right.

So don't worry, I'm not some spy sent by them.



Hi there Jason,

I'm afraid a face to face interview is not on the cards at the moment. There would be too much at stake.

As you are probably aware, a Singaporean adult site webmaster is now behind bars in Changi Prison because of his activities on the net.

I have no desire to be his cellmate at the moment.

However, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have via email.

Cheers and have a great weekend.

Sure Samuel,

I completely understand where you're coming from.

Let me discuss with my boss.

Anyway, I'm unaware of the other webmaster's case.

Care to enlighten.

Regards Jason

Hi Samuel,

This is Jason from The New Paper, once again.

I've spoken to my boss, and he's okay with an email interview.

Thanks a lot for agreeing to the interview in my earlier email to you.

I really hope you can answer my long list of questions below.

1) Tell me a bit about yourself first, name, age, sex, race, nationality, marital status.

2) What inspired you to set up Sammyboy.com? What was your aim? How different was it going to be from the other adult sites? When and how  exactly did it begin?

3) Why did you start the commercial sex guide in the first place? And  how did you get it going in the beginning? Personal experience? Help from friends etc?

4) Do you get a lot of hate mail for what you do? How do you respond to them?

5) Fan mail?

6) Do you make money out of Sammyboy.com or your Delphi Sex Forum? How? How much?

7) Why do you moderate messages posted on Dephi Sex Forum? I see that phone numbers and email posted there are deleted. Why?

8) Why do you call it the Asian Conservative Values Forum? Couldn't it be furthest from the truth?

9) How many of the supposedly real-experience messages are real? I mean, maybe these guys are just fantasizing?

10) When and why did you set up the Coffee Shop Forum? The response? Any rules?

11) You handle so much sexual content every day. Don't you get sick of it?

12) Do you ever give yourself a holiday?

13) How do you avoid being prosecuted? Do you think what you do is illegal? How afraid are you of being caught?

14) Do you aspire to make Singapore famous via sex? Why?

15) Do your family and parents know what you're doing? What do they say?

16) Don't you think what you do glorifies commercial sex, and its  related ills like spread of Aids, exploitation of women etc? How do you  feel if a 14-year-old stumbles onto your site, gets curious, and go out  to screw a prostitute in Geylang?

17) You do showcase some pornographic images and video footage on your  site. Doesn't this violate the law here? Doesn't this go against your so-called principle of providing a "purely democratic forum and nothing  else"?

18) Some members of the forum periodically post nude images too. So why didn't you removed these?

19) How many registered users do you have now? What's the sign-up rate? How do you advertise your sites? (I heard that if you type sex and Singapore on any search engine, your site invariably pops up, true?)

20) If you're not doing this, what will you be doing? What are your hobbies?


The New Paper

A lot more at https://bit.ly/2UrviC7
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