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SDP considering legal process to invoke by-election
« on: August 07, 2017, 09:35:37 pm »
Ms Halimah Yacob has announced that she will contest in the coming  Presidential Elections and has resigned as MP for the Marsiling-Yew Tee  GRC.
The GRC system was introduced in 1988, the official reason being “t ensure that Singapore’s parliament would always be multiracial in  composition and representation.” As such, the constitution requires that  GRC teams include at least one member from a minority community.
Given this rationale, Ms Halimah's stepping down as MP runs counter  to the essence of the GRC system both in letter and spirit. Her resignation must necessarily trigger a by-election in Marsiling-Yew Tee.
The government determines the number of GRCs needed at any one  general election necessary for fair representation. If the government  can remove a minority MP at will after he/she is elected, why set the  number of GRCs – and therefore the number of minority MPs – to be contested in the first place?
In addition, the government stipulates the particular ethnic  representation for a particular GRC so as to ensure that the ethnic  community in that GRC is adequately and effectively represented. By removing that MP, is the government not also removing that community's representation in Parliament?
To be clear, Ms Halimah's resignation is a deliberate and calculated ploy by the PAP to remove one of its MPs in order that she may stand  for another election. The PAP cannot be allowed to vacate elected  Parliamentary seats just to maximise its electoral chances for another  office. It is an abuse of the system and makes a mockery of the general  elections.
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