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This is a story of a guy who attended an interview by a panel for a teaching position ages ago. He was asked by the lead interviewer who appeared to be a seasoned school principal: " Why do you want to teach?". He replied enthusiastically: " I would like to share with students what I learnt from my working life experience. I would also like to impart some life skills to today's students so that they can be better prepared for work or their careers when they graduate."

The lead interviewer looked at the guy with disdain and told him straight in the face: "You are just here to teach, that's it." The poor chap was stunned... and obviously very disappointed with the response. He didn't take up the job offer after being eventually informed of his successful application.

More at https://www.domainofexperts.com/2019/05/potential-teaching-candidate-deflated.html



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Re: Potential teaching candidate deflated by response during interview
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2019, 06:21:23 pm »
Maybe the interviewer thought he might be a "pervert" trying to teach life-skills to the young and impressionable...   :(
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