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No matter what Flynn says, the Trump family won't go to jail
« on: December 04, 2017, 03:59:03 pm »
(CNN) When Michael Flynn walked into a federal courthouse in Washington and entered into a plea and cooperation deal, some people thought this marked the beginning of the end for Donald Trump's presidency. Could Flynn be the man to take down this President, and maybe even send him to jail?

There is little doubt that the Office of Special Counsel has been busy. We knew Robert Mueller and his team was aggressively dropping grand jury subpoenas to gather evidence, and interviewing both major and minor players in  the Russia investigation drama that continues to unfold. And now, with  the criminal indictments of several Trump confidants, we know that the special counsel's work is bearing fruit. 

But where does this all end? Will Flynn's cooperation lead to criminal  charges against Trump or a member of his family? While we don't know  what Flynn has said or will say as he cooperates with Mueller's  investigation, there is no reason to believe that Trump or anyone related to him will ever face prison time.

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