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After a shock revelation that more young people were turning full time private-hire car drivers, a Graduate Employment Survey released on Tuesday (3 Apr) painted a dismal picture for graduates of Private Universities.

While the overall employment rate seems healthy at 79%, only 47.4% of such graduates found full-time, permanent employment within six months of graduation. This implied that almost one in three graduates (the difference between 79% and 47.4%) had to resorted to freelance and part-time jobs.

For the luckier ones who have managed to secure full-time employment, the median gross monthly salary was S$2,650 – a mere 7% higher than that of the $2,480 commanded by polytechnic graduates who have served NS.

Given that that only 37% of the graduating cohort responded to the survey, the actual situation could have been much worse. While the survey was anonymous, the unemployed graduates were more likely to shy away from providing details as they would be more likely to want to avoid talking about their situation.

More at https://www.domainofexperts.com/2018/04/more-fresh-graduates-unemployed-while.html