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The man first added the 29-year-old woman as a “friend” over Facebook sometime in September 2016, after which the pair began to chat daily. Two weeks later, the duo met at Hotel 81 Princess in Geylang where they had sex.

The pair continued their affair and met regularly either at a hotel or the woman’s home. The man began to take videos of their trysts from the third encounter, claiming that they were for his gratification when the woman was not around. The woman consented to the recordings and would also receive the videos, which she would watch before deleting.

When the woman decided to end the relationship in early December 2016, the man did not take the news well. He became increasingly possessive and pestered the woman about the other men in her life.

He threatened to contact her husband if she lied to him and the woman warned the man against doing so.

On 11 December 2016, the man contacted the woman and later visited her home to check if she was with another man. The woman refused to let him in and blocked him on social media.

Angry that the woman had ended the relationship and believing that she was dishonest with him, the man contacted her husband through Facebook Messenger the next day.

Three days later, the man told the husband that he had proof of having met his wife and sent him a video of the pair having sex. The husband was shocked as he recognised his home in the video.

The husband asked to meet the man to see other videos and the man replied that he had many recordings. The man sent two more videos to the woman’s husband that day and sent several more the next day.

The husband later informed his wife that he had received obscene videos from a Facebook user and his wife recognised the social media account. She made a police report on 17 December.

For transmitting obscene material through electronic means, the man could have been jailed up to three months, fined, or both.

I need to use facebook morer and morer .... some married women are yums ...  :-*

"A man who has depths in his shame meets his destiny and his delicate decisions upon paths which few ever reach."