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Man in S’pore-registered car seen taking potted plant
« on: May 22, 2018, 02:29:52 pm »
A MAN driving a Singapore-registered car was caught on surveillance camera stealing a potted plant near Century Garden in Johor Baru.

Quoting Singapore’s Lianhe Wan­bao, Sin Chew Daily reported that a Facebook user posted a video showing the incident in the wee hours of Thursday.

The 40-second video showed the man arriving at a road shoulder and opening the passenger door of his car after alighting.

He was seen looking around before quickly putting the pot inside his car and speeding off.

The video was widely circulated on social media after it was shared, and received mixed reactions.

Many teased the man and called him the “plant thief”, while some joked that he did it because “plants in Malaysia were fancier”.

Some also questioned his nationality despite driving a Singapore-registered car.

> The daily also reported that seven senior citizens have been rounded up for suspected illegal horse-betting in a raid in Singapore on Friday night.

One of them even argued with the police officer for arresting an old man like him.

“I am already 70-something, just a step away from the coffin. Why arrest me?” he cried while being taken away.

Another old man also made a scene when he was arrested. He denied committing any offence and warned journalists there not to take his picture.

During the raid around King George’s Avenue targeting vice activity, nine men aged 60 and above were questioned.