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“Lost my house, lost my family, in fact I lost myself.”
« on: September 23, 2018, 01:52:13 pm »
Hi Gilbert,

Things are slowly turning I don’t know for the good or bad. The leasing company towed away my vehicle and started charging me for the excess for the accident despite the fact it was under Traffic Police investigation .

I urgently wanted the vehicle so I did not read the clause properly before signing up. Their accident excess even though on their insurance paper was $2000, they charge us driver $3000 and $6000 if it is overseas. Everything was impounded by them. I ended up on the streets with only my hp and power bank.

A friend who was also the Bailer for my 2nd attempted suicide has been helping me. He managed to find a bed space for me at $300 per month at Jurong West, but it will only be available on 15th this month.

Tried to reconcile with my parents only to get ignored. The social worker who helped me appeal for my public housing but HDB rejected it because I am not 35 yet. I asked only for a 2 room or 3 room which I saw at Bukit Batok, I have about $120k in my CPF ordinary account which I believed can cover most of the cost. They rejected me citing my age and asked me to buy from the open market, based on my understanding , even if I were to buy from the open market , it will also be rejected because I do not qualify for HLE , job and family nucleus factor.

I can frankly tell you, based on the address in the last GE in Whampoa and I voted for Workers Party. Last PE, I voted for Mr Tan Cheng Bock as I was raised in Teban where he was the MP for many years. I will never forgive the ruling party for making me lose my flat in Jurong East when I undergone my divorce in 2011. The MP Grace did nothing to help me to retain my flat.

I made the wrong decisions in life. Wanted to end my miserable life only to fail. What agonized me was the 2nd IO words – want die die further.

My dad who was the Bailer the first time I attempted suicide by swallowing 78 valiums at one go did not want to talk to me. I have again and again tried to talk to him but always got ignored. I did not even know I was on bail. I was released by TTSH without the yellow piece of bail bond. I went to see my sons and ex wife and that night, I took 120 valiums at one go.

End up again no problems but because I posted a comment on my Facebook that I could not take the pressure I got into trouble with the law again. These time 2 IOs talk to me – I was sent to IMH for assessment, doctors did not believe the amount I took till blood tests came out showing the concentration level.

I’m not mentally crazy but depressed. Discharged from IMH that night and a friend who straight away came to bail me after I asked him to.

No matter which methods I try. My parents ignored me. Friends told me my father won’t bail me if he did not care. I feel it’s more of a responsibility than care he came to bail. During this period I was also in touch with Pat from SOS. Believed it was one of the IOs who contact her as I did not email her for a very long time. Sadness. I lost myself. Confidence gone.

The leasing company who towed my vehicle back did not want to let go of my stuff like clothes. He only allows me to take back my medicine, my bail bond and my passport. He says he would dispose all of the stuff if I did not pay him in a week. I have 4 mobile phones there. One on loan from Uber. The vehicle is due to be scrapped this month but he is more interested in the amount he can make for my excess. Haiz. He purposely make things difficult after I rejected selling my 12 demerit points to him to cover the excess. I did not want to get into deeper troubles with the law. Those items apart from the 4 electronic devices are worth nothing.

I have entirely nothing left. Some advise me to return to IT. I asked them – in my current situation and appearance who will hire me? Yes I do have experience in IT and my last drawn salary was $3800. I am willing to drop but now with my stuff gone…who will hire me? One just wearing a T shirt and Bermudas.

I really don’t know what to do now. Lost my house, lost my family, in fact I lost myself.




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Re: “Lost my house, lost my family, in fact I lost myself.”
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2018, 05:02:43 pm »
Ok. I was going to say cuckoobird but let's give him/her the benefit of doubt .... we need to strive towards and inclusive Singapore.

SG100 .... confidence for the future . :-*
"A man who has depths in his shame meets his destiny and his delicate decisions upon paths which few ever reach."