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A mother of two was sentenced to three months jail on Tuesday, after she glued the doors of several HDB homes shut in a bid to help her husband’s failing locksmith business. Unfortunately, 36-year-old Mdm Wang Bao Fen’s husband committed suicide after her arrest, leaving her to raise their children alone.

According to the Chinese daily, Mdm Wang gave up being a housewife to work as a secretary for a company that paid her $1000 monthly after her husband, Mr Lim Wei Ming, became bankrupt and accumulated gambling debt.

Hoping to start afresh, the couple began a locksmith business together in Mdm Wang’s name so that Mr Lim could get back on his feet. Unfortunately, despite Mdm Wang’s attempts to publicise the company by going door-to-door to distribute flyers, business was slow and the family continued accumulating more debt.

In a bid to keep the failing business afloat, Mdm Wang returned to the units at Block 443 Sin Ming Avenue where she distributed flyers and began gluing the doors of the homes shut. Hoping that the flatowners would engage her husband’s services, Mdm Wang used toothpicks to insert the glue into the keyholes of the units.

Instead of calling her husband, the irate homeowners called the police and Mdm Wang was arrested early last year. Months later, on 3 Nov 2017, Mr Lim left home and killed himself.

Mdm Wang was sentenced to jail after being convicted of 9 counts of mischief. The court also ordered her to pay S$1070 in compensation to her victims.

source: http://ww2.theindependent.sg/locksmith-commits-suicide-after-wife-goes-to-jail-for-gluing-hdb-doors-shut-in-a-bid-to-help-his-business/

news from zaobao: https://www.zaobao.com.sg/znews/singapore/story20180711-874394



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No milk of human kindness on this case?  :'(
"A man who has depths in his shame meets his destiny and his delicate decisions upon paths which few ever reach."

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