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ermmmm ..... KPMG is AHTC's own appointed auditor right (albeit reluctantly)? ???

how come own auditor can uncover more lapses than HDB's own auditors?!!!!

got kelong or not!!!!!?????

In his post, Mr Shanmugam said that KPMG, which is AHTC’s own independent accountants, had uncovered even more faults than the Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) and AHTC’s statutory auditors. He said the AGO and AHTC’s statutory auditors found 115 failures, and KPMG uncovered another 70 – making a total of 185 failures. “Since the AGO audit, the situation has not gotten better. It has gotten far worse,” he wrote.

can use dummy codes de meh?   

KPMG said that AHTC used highly irregular shortcuts to process millions of dollars in payments to related parties, and “suppliers”. It used “dummy” vendor codes for payments, without specifying who the suppliers were. Mr Shanmugam said these practices could have concealed duplicate or fraudulent payments. “Obviously, WP’s leadership thought they could play Aljunied residents – and Singaporeans – for dummies, he added.”

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The dummy codes do sound very fishy.. maybe an accountant can explain it better.
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