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KBW: MRT becomes three times as dependable as in 2015
« on: July 28, 2017, 07:29:14 pm »
SINGAPORE - The MRT system's reliability has improved by three times  since Mr Khaw Boon Wan moved to the Transport Ministry in 2015, but the  minister wants to raise the bar much higher.

Speaking at the fourth joint forum on infrastructure maintenance  organised by SMRT on Thursday (July 27), the Coordinating Minister for  Infrastructure and Minister for Transport said that in 2015 - the year  he replaced Mr Lui Tuck Yew at the ministry, Singapore's MRT trains  travelled an average of 133,000km between delays of more than five  minutes.

This is known as mean km between failure (MKBF).

 In the first half of this year (2017), "it has happily gone up to nearly  400,000 (393,000) train-km". Mr Khaw said this was based on preliminary  data, and had also excluded delays arising from the testing of a new  signalling system on the North-South line.
The minister noted that all five lines had improved, with the star  performer being the North-East line, which clocked nearly 1 million  (978,000) train-km between failures.

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