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SINGAPORE: The High Court on Friday (Jul 21) dismissed the appeal of a Saudi diplomat convicted of sexually assaulting a 20-year-old hotel employee while on holiday in Singapore in 2016.

Diplomat Bander Yahya A Alzahrani’s jail term of 26 months and one week, and four strokes of the cane, was also upheld. He will start serving his sentence on Jul 28.

Alzahrani was found guilty of three charges – including one for molest and two for aggravated molest – in February, after an eight-day trial. The Beijing-based diplomat had been in Singapore on holiday with his wife and three children on Aug 14, 2016, when he committed the offences.

Alzahrani was alone with the victim, who was showing him around a hotel room, when he cornered her in the bathroom and sexually assaulted her. He also forced her to touch him.

The diplomat claimed the woman had accused him of molesting her in order to extort money from him.

In the High Court on Friday, defence lawyer Shashi Nathan urged Judge of Appeal Steven Chong to re-look at the evidence, in the form of closed-circuit television footage of Alzahrani and the victim walking out of the hotel room after the assault.

Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/high-court-dismisses-appeal-of-saudi-diplomat-who-sexually-9051506



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I hope the rest of the inmates in Changi Hilton help him realize the folly of his ways .....
"A man who has depths in his shame meets his destiny and his delicate decisions upon paths which few ever reach."