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By Joseph Wong

Its been 7 years and I still remembered it like yesterday. It was late 2010 on an early morning. I was called to school 3 hours before the 'N' level results ceremony.

My teachers congratulated me and told me I was the top student across the entire Singapore. I was very happy, given I was an autistic kid who went from someone who needed help to get dressed till I was 15 to becoming a top scholar 2 years later. I worked really hard for it and I was proud.

But my happiness soon faded and that day became one of the worst days of my life ever. First things first, a reporter came in to interview me as my teachers sat back.

She asked: "What would you love to do?"

Me: "I want to be a visual effects (VFX) artist and a game designer."

She smiled back : "Whats your secret to being so good at studying?"

Me: "I wanted to prove to everyone that even someone with autism could become a top scholar."

She asked further: "Is there someone you would like to thank for all that has happened?"

Me: "I would like to thank the Master Chief (From the Halo Games). He has been my childhood hero and he achieved the impossible; in that vein I wanted to be just like him."

More at http://www.domainofexperts.com/2017/11/former-top-n-level-student-school.html

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