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“Willy Sum” not his real name, is under police investigation. He is  alleged to have committed criminal defamation with just one letter to  TOC that contained the word “corruption”. He uses this pen name because  he does not wish to be mistaken for a foreigner.

For that, the police had ruined his holiday in Taiwan. It was his mom’s 62nd birthday treat. She had scrimped and saved for this trip which costs her nearly $2,000. She was very much looking forward to spending an enjoyable  holiday with her only son. But five plain clothes police officers pounced on them. They ambushed and embarrassed them in front of their neighbours as they were waiting for Grab at the void deck to take them to the airport. Humiliated, they were escorted to their flat in full view of their neighbours. They were shocked. Never in their wildest dreams did they ever thought that they would be arrested in public.

The police apparently had a court warrant to search and seize properties. They ransacked their flat and took away Willy’s laptop and two mobile phones. Willy was told to report to the Cantonment Police HQ an hour later.

More at https://tinyurl.com/ya9gsuvv