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Family Feud Exposes Farce of SG’s Judicial Independence
« on: August 07, 2017, 09:46:46 pm »
The rift within the Lee family over  what to do with the grand colonial-style home of Lee Kuan Yew, the  patriarch who died in March 2015 at 92, has further exposed the  contradictions inherent in Singapore’s system between the appearance of  rule of law via an independent judiciary and the perceptions of so many  onlookers of favoritism toward the government and the ruling Lee family.

This gap may not have had significant  consequences while Lee Kuan Yew’s personality towered over Singapore and  carried weight around the world. But it does now, and it is providing a  good deal of schadenfreude for the politicians and journalists who over  the decades have been forced to knuckle under to the Lees’ version of  justice.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s  nephew has challenged the system by openly describing the government as  “litigious” and the courts as “pliant”in the middle of the increasingly  ugly family dispute. For his pains, the 32-year-old Li Shengwu is to be  subjected to contempt of court proceedings, according to the office of  Singapore’s Attorney General Lucien Wong. Li, the son of the prime  minister’s estranged younger brother Lee Hsien Yang, made the remarks  from the safety of the United States, where he is a junior fellow at  Harvard University.

The action rubs salt into the family  wounds opened up by the June denunciation of the prime minister by Hsien  Yang and his sister Mei Ling. Li Shengwu has openly supported his  father and criticized government control over the media in the family  brawl over whether the late Kuan Yew’s mansion should be razed, as he  wanted, to keep it from becoming a shrine.  Lee Hsien Loong favors preserving the magnificent black-and-white edifice.

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