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SINGAPORE — E-shopping service provider Ezbuy on Thursday (Dec 21) put up a staunch defence of its business practice, and accused Chinese  e-commerce giant Alibaba of making a "derogatory" remark against it.

After being dogged over several weeks by delayed orders because of a spat with Alibaba, Ezbuy had announced on Monday that it has stopped offering its popular Buy-For-Me service with Chinese e-marketplace  Taobao until further notice. Taobao is owned by Alibaba.

Its latest media statement came after Alibaba on Dec 8 accused the  Singapore company of "scalping" - a practice of creating accounts to buy  items and reselling them – which was "in clear breach" of its rules.

Ezbuy said: "We are taking a serious stand to the inaccurate claims  labelling ezbuy.sg as scalper. This is the first time Taobao has made such a derogatory remark to a local company here in Singapore."

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