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I thought I saw the worst in an East sited SEHC contract terms until a hawker from another SEHC shared their woes with me.This one takes the cake.   

Pay Rent Till Next Tenant Signs Up      

They operate a SEHC noodle stall managed by a famous local food court chain. After a year, they decided to give up their $4k a month (the usual basic rents and with service fees that more than double it)  stall as they could not sustain the business because footfall began to  freefall after opening. To my horror, they are made to pay up the  remaining years and months of rent and fees left in their contract, or  till another tenant is found (to management’s satisfaction, see image). That’s a painful minimum of $2k a month until further notice.  This new hawker is relocating to a high footfall residential area private coffeeshop for about the same rent and operation fees that guarantees an  existing crowd and diners every day with less operation control. They now have to pay up the monthly “penalty” fees in the SEHC and also for  rents their new stall. They are a start-up hawker fending for their family seeking help by running a public hawker centre stall with a so-called social enterprise model. But that’s not all.   

20cts Per Tray Returned     

I also note this SEHC has introduced a tray return for cashback system for customers (20cts each one they do so). The irony is- the hawkers are made to pay 20cts each time for each tray returned to their stall. I note from the hawker that the figure amounts to anything from  $400 to $800 a month just on tray returns alone (which is over and above the cleaning and maintenance fees). 

A lot more at https://tinyurl.com/ycpxvgcr