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As I write this column on Saturday, the GOP has just won one of the most  brutal political battles in history. Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court. President Trump wins again.
Here are the lessons (and winners) of this epic, historic battle.
First, America always does the right thing…but only after exhausting every other option.
Second, the biggest winner is President Trump. Notch another  victory on his belt. The score after about 21 months in office is Trump 100, Democrats 0. Against all odds, Trump just keeps winning.
Remember this week Trump also won the Mexico-Canada trade battle;  unemployment dropped to the lowest level since 1969; Hispanic  unemployment dropped to the lowest ever; manufacturing jobs growth was  the best since 1995, and Trump’s approval rating soared to 51 percent in the latest Rasmussen survey. Polls show Republicans pulling away in Senate races across the country. Add in the Kavanaugh victory and this was the best week of the Trump presidency.
Trump continues to teach us all lessons about #WINNING. In Trump’s  world, it’s all about the fight and your fighting spirit. It’s all about your ability to bare-knuckles brawl.
This battle for the Supreme Court played out exactly like my upcoming  book, “Trump Rules.” My book isn’t about politics. It’s about the rules  that have empowered President Trump to become one of the greatest  achievers and winners in history. The “Trump Rules” are simple. Winning  isn’t about brains, or IQ, or brilliant ideas, or unique strategy.
Winning is all about being a relentless fighter. Being a bulldog. Being a bull in a china shop. It’s about fighting spirit. It’s about believing  in yourself and your goals. It’s about fighting so hard, so passionately, you never let go until victory is achieved.
It’s about who wants it more. Trump always wants it more.

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