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 After viewing the video clip, my tentative conclusion is Ow May Chen, mother of the problematic son, is misrepresenting what actually transpired.

1) "Dexter is naive and defenseless" - That's BS. The boy was very belligerent and combative as can be seen from his repeated attempts to disturb the guy's much smaller kid, ramming the guy and at one point using his fists to punch him from behind.

2) Ow May Chen then described the guy as having "kicked, pushed and roughly handled" as well as "physically assaulting" her son. I can accept that the guy sort of manhandled her son, but she's making it sound as if the guy was raining kicks and punches on her son whilst he lay helpless on the ground when in reality he simply lost his temper and was a tad rough in chasing her son away from his much smaller kid who was being harassed.

More at https://www.domainofexperts.com/2018/04/autistic-son-being-bullied-at.html



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I stopped believing all those bullshitter parents who claim their kids got abused at the playground or childcare .....  ::)
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Er, in the video the man got bullied? So.is who bully who now  ???
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