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..................Issues such as the lack of emotional support and unmet sexual needs of fathers surfaced later on, researchers found.

At the six-month mark, at least one father was reported to be at risk of depression, the study found.

Fathers were also found to have unmet sexual needs, with several dads having questions about when they could start having sex with their spouses again.

TODAY spoke to several fathers who did not participate in the study. Some said they found it difficult to express their emotional needs due to societal norms which expect men to be strong.

In addition, these fathers said that they were often tasked with “back-end” duties such as buying diapers, milk powder and groceries — another common experience among dads that researchers identified in their study.

More at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/not-just-daddy-blues-sidelined-fathers-face-unmet-emotional-sexual-needs-after-baby