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MALACCA: Parents whose children have consumed potentially fake formula milk in have come forward with their accounts.

One father claimed that his 10-month-old daughter developed a fever and red rashes after drinking what he suspected was counterfeit formula milk, reported the New Straits Times on Wednesday (Dec 13).

"There were red spots everywhere on her body, on her face, hands and even her back," said the 33-year-old graphic designer who wanted to be known as Koh.

According to Koh, he and his wife became worried after reading about fake infant formula on the news.

More than 200 boxes of counterfeit Enfalac A+ Step 1 were confiscated by Malaysian authorities on Sunday.

More at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/new...falac-milk-powder-formula-fake-infant-9496792



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izzit because the fake infant milk formulas use inferior grade Vitamin B3 that is used in animal feed? ???

the skin flush should go away ..... don't worry too much
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